Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014 This is our last email before he heads out to Gaua:
Dear Family & Friends,
I am in the city of Luganville on the island of Santo.  I'm going to the airport in about an hour to fly to Gaua.  This will be the last email you receive for a while.
So this week I still hung out with Elda Jones and Elda Leva.  We didn't do anything fun for the New Year but it's all right.  We got tired and went to sleep. I think it's the first time I haven't stayed up for the New Year.  We've been running back and forth from the airport because of all the transfers.  Yesterday I flew from Tanna to Port Vila. It was hard to leave Tanna.  I was hard to leave my area, the people, and the other Elders. Elder Jones is my brother in this mission.  
So I flew to Vila and saw the Zone leaders there and then I took a plane to Santo.  It was a dinky plane but it was fun to fly in. The flight here was a little over an hour.  I stayed at the Santo Zone Leader's house. They are very cool and I like them already. Santo is very nice, it has just about everything you need. I think it's nicer than Vila.  Me and Elder Sutton hung out today. He's going to Ambae today so he was my companion for today. I knew him because he served on Tanna before last transfers.  
My new companion (Elda Velli) is in Gaua right now.  This morning I did some shopping here. I have to buy stuff you can't get in Gaua.  Elder Sutton showed me a good restaurant and we ate breakfast there. We had french toast and a slushy.  It was very good! It's different than the U.S. but it was one of the best meals I've had here in Vanuatu. 

So I found out that there are only 4 Elders that serve on Gaua, not 6. And I heard there's more than 1 truck so that's nice.

Just so you know my packages came. Kenzies package, Grammy's package, and Mom and Dad's package.  Thanks for all of the chocolate and gum. Oh and thanks for the ties Kenzie!  I was very happy for what I got and I loved the letters you wrote.

So Zone Conference will be on January 28-31.  I plan on emailing you guys sometime during it but continue to plan on writing me. The Zone leaders should be coming to Gaua sometime this month and I plan on giving them letters to send to you.  I know it sucks that I can't email but I've heard from other missionaries here that there is always a point in there mission where they can't stay in continuous contact.  I plan on writing every week so you can know what's going on in Gaua.  But just remember that the only way I can send them is if I give them to the zone leaders because there's no postal service in Gaua. So you will probably go a few weeks without receiving letters but you will probably get a few at a time.

I love you all and hope everything is well with you while I'm in Gaua.  I think I will like it in Gaua. Saet Siwi was pretty much man bush so I think it won't be a huge change for me.  And it will be kind of cool to be away from everything because this island is so far north and it's so small. I love you all and hope to stay in good contact.  But just know that I have been so happy on my mission and I know I will like Gaua.  Don't worry about me. I'm on the lord's side and he will keep me safe and bless me. I love you all so much!!!

Elder Beynon

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  1. That is a hard thing, Marc and Shauna, to not hear from Smith regularly. Our prayers are with him and you guys! We love reading about Smith's mission and seeing the beautiful places he's seeing!