Sunday, September 28, 2014

The view in Rembe Village

Week 3 on Malekula September 28, 2014

Last Tuesday we went to Tisman.  The place I went to with Elder Ross
Last Month.  We have a Unit with about 40 members there and we look
over the unit as well as Lowni Branch.  We got there and that
afternoon we went and saw an investigator named Joseph.  He's a great
guy, he should be ready to baptize in a few weeks.

After our lesson, we walked back home and while we walked there were many flying foxes
flying around.  One was about 30 feet above us and my companion pulled
back on his slingshot and nailed the flying fox in the head and it
fell down dead.  It was awesome!  We gave it to a papa in the Unit and
they made laplap with it.   

Wednesday we went to a village called Rembe
to look for another investigator named Kaldom.  I met him when I came
with Elder Ross so I already know him and he's a very nice teenage
boy.  We taught him about the plan of Salvation.  We taught clear and
it was a very good lesson.  Towards the end we taught about the
kingdoms of glory and I shared a scripture in 3 nephi 28:10 to help
him know what it will be like in eternal life.  After he read the
scripture I could tell that he was touched, knowing that we will have
everlasting joy and happiness. It was a very good lesson. Then
afterwards we took some pictures of a beautiful view of the ocean and
the island by his house. That afternoon we taught a very faithful family
who really wants to bebaptized.

Thursday we went to the village of Resar to meet with our Unit Leader.
Then afterwards we looked for some investigators and Less Actives to
teach but everyone was gone that day.  But it's alright.  I like
Tisman, it's a very nice area.  We will probably go back this weekend
for church.

Friday morning we jumped on a truck at 5:30am and it brought us back
to Lowni.  When we got back we saw a snake in a mango tree!  Only a
few islands in Vanuatu has snakes.  It was too high and too small of a
tree for me to climb up and grab it.  If I find another snake I will
make sure to get a hold of it and send a picture to you.

Saturday we went to the village of Tevoliout and visited a few less
active members and we also found a new person to teach.  His name is
Stanley.  We taught him about the restoration and he just knew it was
true.  That's how it is. Whenever someone converts, they say that they
know it's true.

Sunday we went to church and not many people came because it rained.
We went to Tevoliout after church and talked with some members and
taught a couple named Joseph and mariana.  We read Alma chapter 34
together to help them know more about the need of the atonement and
what we need to do to prepare our lives.

Well all I can say is that all is well.  I will let you know that
there are many things we are trying to do to help our branch.  Through
diligence and patience the lord will help us and I really am glad to
be serving in Lowni. Know all is well and I love you all.  Sorry this
message is short. I'm short on time and there's not too much to talk
about.  I love you all so much and hope all is well.

Elder Beynon

The shot flying fox

Monday, September 22, 2014

Me and my companion on the beach by Potindir

Week 2 on Malekula September 22, 2014

Dear family and friends,

So first off, the packages from you and grammy came!!!  Thanks so much for all the candy, kool aid and magic stuff you sent!!!  Well, you have probably been wondering "how was your birthday?" how was your birthday!"

So last Monday after I emailed you, I bought some chocolate ice cream to prepare for the occasion.  On my birthday, I did my laundry (just as every Tuesday) and then during the afternoon we walked to one of our areas called "Tevoliout".  It's about a 30-45 minute walk south of our house and that's where many members and auxiliary leaders live.  So we walked there, and just talked with some members.  We talked and gained trust and just went and tried to see the people there.  Then that night we went back to the house.  Like I said, I bought chocolate ice cream but i forgot candles!  Luckily we found a matchbook with matches and stuck a few matches in the ice cream, lit them and I blew them out, and dug in.  I was very satisfied with the ice cream, it made my day.  It was a really good birthday, nothing to complain about, we just did the lord's work and all went well.

Wednesday we walked an hour north to the area of "Potindir" and we taught a few less actives there.  It's sometimes hard for the people there to come to church because it's so far.  We also got a chance to walk by the beach and take some pictures.  I will try to email some to you.  

Thursday we went to Tevoliout to go do some service and plant some yams at an investigators garden.  They weren't home though so we walked to a place called "Mapbest" plantation.  A field with tons of coconut trees for cutting and selling Kobra.  Kobra and cocoa are the biggest ways of recieving income here. Through cutting and selling Kobra (The inside's of coconuts), and selling Cocoa.  There are tons of Cocoa tree plantations and the people cut them open and sell the seeds inside by the kilogram.  The people call places for cutting kobra and cocoa plantesens. (plantations)  So if I say "mi stap go lo plantesen blo coconut lo wei" i'm saying that I'm going to the coconut plantation over there.  Malekula has many coconut and cocoa plantations.  Malekula produces the most kobra in Vanuatu.  I hope I didn't confuse you.

Well we walked through a big coconut plantation where there were many cows to find a store that was close to the beach at "Mapbest Plantation".  So we walked all the way there and back to Tevoliout. When we got back to Tevoliout, our investigator was home so we followed her up a hill to her garden.  Many gardens are planted on the side of a steep hill here.  So we walked up a hill and helped her plant yams.  It was fun.

Then that night when we got home, me, my companion, and our friend named Harold made "Lastic" (slingshots).  When it was dark we walked in the bush blo go shutim ol pidgeon mo flying fox, which means,  "we went in the jungle and tried to shoot bats with our sling shots".  We had no luck but it was a lot of fun.

Friday we went back to Tevoliout and we carried our lastics with us, so now whenever we walk to our areas we try to shoot some pidgeons (birds) when we get the chance.  It's fun.  In Tevoliout we were able to teach a lesson with the couple who we planted yams for and then we also taught a less active member.  Saturday we went back to Potindir and were only able to teach 1 less active family. It was good though.  They could really feel the spirit and it's amazing how a small little lesson with a less active family can invite the spirit in a home.

Sunday we went to church and then went to Tevoliout again and just talked with people and tried to gain people's trust.

Know all is well and that I love my new companion and my new area. Things are going great and I'm so thankful to be serving here.  Can you believe I've been out just about a year! Thanks for the packages and birthday wishes.  I love you all soooo much!.  Take care.

Elder Beynon

P.S. Sorry the end is short, I need some time to send pictures.

Me and my companion with our friend Jason at the beach

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 1 on Malekula

September 15, 2014

Dia ol famle mo ol frien blo mi mo hapi birthday sista blo mi!

Tank yu Tumas blo ol birthday wishes!  I don't feel like I should be turning 20 yet.  Time is just flying by!  I bet many of you probably feel sorry that I'm not home for my birthday but I haven't worried about that at all. Life's good, I get to spend my birthday in tropical islands in the south pacific. Just Kidding, I just thought i'd make you a little jealous.  Yes life's good here in Malekula and I like my new area. And my new companion.

Well my new area is big.  There's a village an hour walk north, another one where my house is, and another village a half hour walk south.  So I will be walking alot again.  And I will be able to lose some weight.  Many members in my new area are related to many people in Uripiv. And the people are all very nice (as always, everybody's nice and kind in Vanuatu!)

In my new area there are many less actives that we want to work with. There's probably more work to do here than while I was in Uripiv.  But I'm glad to be here to help the people here. I've seen many people
come and go from Uripiv as well. Well our primary focus right now is the members here, we have some
investigators that we will work with but we want to especially strengthen the members and branch.  I already know quite a few people because of all the exchanges.

Last thursday we went to the 1st counselor's house where we cut firewood as a service for him.  We walked to his garden and used an axe and bush knives to cut dry branches off of dead fallen trees.  It was fun.

Friday was Zone Conference and we went to Norosup to a beautiful small bush chapel.  Our conference was focused on "Finding People to Teach" We discussed different ways to find people to teach and learned many things from the mission president.  I love our zone conferences.  My mission president is one of the most spiritual people I know. Whenever he speaks, the spirit is very strong. Also during the conference, an Area Seventy from Tonga named Elder Tuku'afu came.  Saturday and Sunday we would have District Conference. Satuday we came on a transport and went to District Conference in a City building in Lakatoro.  We don't have a District church building yet.  The Saturday session was focussed on the Priesthood and hastening the work of Salvation.

Sunday we went to Lakatoro again in the morning and over 300 members came to Conference!  It was awesome.  It was only an hour and a half long because Elder Tuku'afu and the mission president would be flying out right after. But it was really cool and the church here is growing soooooooooooooooo fast!  The lord is hastening his work here and it's amazing how the work is going ahead so fast! After the conference we went to the area of Potindir and we taught a member and she helped us know of many members that we can help there.  One thing that we are going to work on is going to our areas and gaining people's trust. Especially here in Vanuatu, trust is very important.  Me and my companion are new to our area and we need to try our best to talk to everyone (members, non members, investigators etc.) and we will be able to help the people here.

Well know that all is well and that I'm happy to be serving where I am.  I can't believe I will be turning 20 and I'm so grateful to be serving the lord here. I love you all and hope all is well.


Elder Beynon

Monday, September 8, 2014

Me playing with the kids

Uripiv Week 18 September 7, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

The first half of the week we didn't teach at all because everyone was gone, the usual.  But the weekend was great. We have still been focusing on less active members to teach because the branch is our big focus.  I guess to help you know how the mission is here I will tell you what our mission president told us.  The missionaries here in Vanuatu are the foundation builders.  We are here to rebuild the foundation when it crumbles and to keep it strong.  The Church here hasn't been here
too long and in the future it will be different, a lot different. So I guess to help you know more about what it's like here is that our focus isn't all about baptizing and teaching investigators, it's about
helping the members stay strong, helping those in need, and to help each branch become strong so through the leaders, the missionary work can continue to go forward and the church can continue to grow.  So we were able to teach many less actives and members.

Saturday we were able to hold an activity for the Aaronic Priesthood Quorum.  We bought 3 Fowl (chickens) and we and the young men met at the church, opened our time and walked to the other side of the island to go rus wetem olgeta (roast with everyone).  Some of the boys grabbed some bananas off some banana trees in their garden and we went and built a fire and start roasting.  Before we ate, me and my companion tried to teach the young men about their priesthood duties and then we all ate together.  It was a lot of fun.  Then me and some pikinini (kids) walked on the beach to a big rock sticking out of the water. Apparently there is a small monument that covers an old bomb back from WWII.

Here's some historical background, so back in the times of WWII, you already know that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, but also they tried to take over many pacific islands, including the islands of Vanuatu.  But the U.S.A. army came and helped drive out the Japanese.  Their are old U.S. army bases on some of the islands back from the time. Well we climbed on top of this rock and took lots of pictures and had a great time. That night the zone leaders called  and told us about transfers. Elder Takaro will be staying in Uripiv and an Elder from Samoa will be taking my place. They said that I will still be the district leader but I will be transferring to Lowni.  So Lowni and Tisman (the area I went to a couple weeks ago)  will be the areas that me and my new companion Elder Joe (he was born in Saet Siwi, Tanna, my first area!) will look after.  I was a little sad, but I'm still in the same district and I will be able to go to Uripiv again when I exchange. I'm excited, I've already seen Lowni and I already know some people there and I will have a lot of fun.

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to church and it was testimony meeting so I bore my last testimony in Uripiv.  I shed a few tears, I thought I could hold it in because my new area isn't very far at all, but I have made so so so so so so so many friends on my little island and the love that everyone shows and the pikinini here is just so strong.  It was great though, I know I will be able to come back. Well all I can say is that the branch is improving and we are starting to see good changes here in Uripiv.  Lowni is alot like Uripiv as well, we will be focusing on strengthening the branch, and the Unit in Tisman, and help the church continue to go forward.

Know all is well and I am so happy to be serving the lord here.  I am very excited to go to Lowni as well and to serve with my new companion Elder Joe. Oh and I forgot to tell you about the house.  The house in Lowni is awesome!  I will have running water, a flushing toilet, lights, and fans, and best of all, an ice box!!!

Well know that I I love you all very much and hope all is well. Kenzie, happy birthday! You are the best sister in the world and sorry this is our first time being apart for our birthday.  It's always
possible that I will be coming home before our birthday next year.  I love you!

Love, Elder Beynon

Roasting food with the youth

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 17 on Uripiv August 31, 2014

No email, just pictures this week.  He must have run out of time....

Up a tree with some friends while I was in Wala

Eating laplap and flying fox bat (yes they eat bats there) with Elder Jensen

Famle hoas naet (family home evening) with a family in Tisman

A very scenic view