Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 16 on Uripiv August 24, 2014

Dear Family,
So last week we ended up doing Exchanges again with the zone leaders.

But this time I went to the Area called "Wala" with Elder Jensen drove our mission vehicle (toyota hi-lux) and on our way there he took me to a store that has "pepsi, chips ahoy, and mountain dew!"  So I bought two bottles of pepsi, a can of mtn dew, and 4 packages of original chips ahoy cookies! I was sooooo happy!  I hadn't had chips ahoy or these two sodas in 11 months!  Well we snacked on cookies and drank our soda on our way to Wala. We walked around their area for awhile to look for some people to teach in some villages but everyone was gathered at the soccer field where a league was playing. We weren't able to teach any lessons however.

The next day (wednesday) we drove to the area of "Vao" where theres a unit consisting of about 8 members.  We went to the Unit leaders house to teach his nephew and son about the Restoration.
Then we drove to another area called "Atching" where we wanted to teach an investigator.  There were many papas there and many were intrested in our beliefs. so for about 3 hours we answered questions about our belief on  the sabbath, baptism, baptism of children, and many other things.  Then we taught them about the restoration and it was a great lesson!  While we were there we could really see that the lord has prepared these people to hear this message.

Thursday we went to "Wala Island"  a small island about the size of Uripiv but a little bit smaller. But it's a place for tourists.  The island is a 5 minute boat ride from the mainland and it's a hotspot for tourists.  When Cruise ships come in tourists walk around the island for a day and mamas sell baskets, mats and food for them to make money. At the end of the day the tourists go back on the cruise ship.  Or at least this is what i've heard about this place.  Well on this small island we taught a member family about prayer and another family about faith.  
Then we walked to the other side to wait for a boat to take us back and while we waited I did my Usual magic card tricks for the kids and we had some fun. Then we went back to the mainland and went to teach an investigator who goes to a church similar to the baptist faith.  You know the "amen-halleliujah.  This couple was very respective of our belief and  they were interested and we bore our testimony many times and they said amen who knows how many times! But it was good, that's how they show respect and agree with our testimony.

Then that night we went to a member family's house and had family haos naet and we ate laplap for dinner. It was fun.

Friday morning we drove back to lakatoro and stopped by the "PRV" store to buy another Mtn Dew and I also bought 2 more chips ahoy.  Then we exchanged again and went back to our areas. 
Saturday we went and taught a family about prayer to help them, because the papa is afraid to pray when people are around so we helped them.  Then we taught another family about eternal marriage.  That afternoon we went to teach an investigator about the restoration and at this time there was another mama who listened and was totally interested in our message.  So we asked her if we could come see her again and she said to come on Sunday.

So on Sunday we went to church, learned about Individual Responsibility in Elder's Quorum and after church we went to teach this mama again. Her husband was home to, so we invited him to come and hear our message.  He wanted to learn more about our beliefs and about Joseph Smith so we taught about the Restoration again.  We taught for about 2 hours, mostly answering questions that this papa had and it was a good lesson. We were all respective and didn't argue. But that's the only lesson that we taught that day.  But we know the lord has prepared some people here and he's leading us to them and we are glad to have a few more investigators.

Today I will be going on an Exchange with Elder Ross to one of the areas he looks after called "Tismond" it's about a 2 hour drive south of Lakatoro.  So we're going to South Malekula and I will be able to tour this area. It will be fun.

Know all is well and we are grateful to be here. I love you all and thanks for all the love that you show.
Elder Beynon

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Me and My Friends

Week 15 on Uripiv August 17, 2014

Dia ol famle blo mi we mi lavem tumas,

Yufala i Lucky because the rules changed and we will be coming to Lakatoro every week again!  Don't worry, just email me next week.  So honestly not much happened last week but I will try my best to make this email long.

So last week after I emailed we went back to Uripiv and went to our branch president's house for "famle haos naet" (family home evening).  Everyone shared a scriptural thought and afterwards we played a game called 7 over.  It's a fun game that can be played with many people and it's a game of body actions.  It's hard to explain but I will have to show it to you when I get back.

Tuesday was the same as usual.  We did laundry and rested and during the afternoon we went out to teach but everyone was gone again.

Wednesday we went out and taught our recent convert about callings and auxilary classes in the church.  Many people were in Lakatoro because a ship came so everybody was gone so we had no one else to teach so we went to our Elders Quorum President's house to help prepare a lesson for
Sunday.  Then at night me and Elda Takaro went and taught at a fireside.  The fireside was held between many houses of members and non members. Everyone was invited and we taught about the Plan of Salvation, mainly the pre-earth life and the time of adam and eve, and life on earth.  It went really well and everyone was very interested. Many said that now they know the full story of Adam and Eve, and why it was part of gods plan. It was a great fireside.

Thursday we went to a friend's house named Morris to do a little service for him.  We filled up a 50 gallon drum of water for him.  We went to a well where there were plastic containers with rope tied to them and we lowered the containers into the well and poured water into buckets, and carried the buckets to his house and poured the water from the buckets into the 50 gallon drum.  On this little island the people mainly get their water from wells and from rainwater that empties into water tanks.
During the afternoon we wanted to teach but once again people were gone. Most of the people went to Lakatoro because Friday would be a public holiday.  So many people wanted to spend the holiday in Lakatoro.

Friday we were only able to teach a less active member and everyone else was in Lakatoro. Saturday was the same as Friday honestly, not much happened. Sunday we didn't have time to teach because we had a long Branch Council Meeting and met with the Branch President.  But they were really good meetings and all is going well.

Well that's about all that happened this week, sorry this email is short, plan on hearing from me next week again. Know that I love you and all and that things are going well here. I love you!

Love, Elder Beynon

Me and the Island
Our first baptism on the Island
Roasting chicken wings with some member friends

Monday, August 11, 2014

Uripiv Week 13 & 14 August 7, 2014

Dia ol Famle blo mi mo ol frien blo mi we mi lavem tumas,

Wow, these 2 weeks went by fast!  So where we left off.....  we went back to Uripiv and nothing really happened Tuesday 29th and Wednesday July 30th because all the activities were still going on. Wednesday the 30th they made cake and they shared it with everyone.  That night we didn't sleep
well because the events happened not too far from our house and they played music and danced throughout the whole night. But it's alright.  Thursday the 1st we went out to teach but EVERYONE was sleeping because they were tired because of the night before. 

Friday the 2nd we were able to teach a family about the plan of salvation and we really know that this family has felt the spirit since we've taught them.  I am so grateful to be here helping families and
creating relationships with these people.

Saturday the 3rd a ship came so many people were gone so we had no lessons taught that day.

Sunday the 4th someone died in another area on the mainland so many people weren't on the island and went to the mainland.  After church we went and read 3rd Nephi Chapter 11 with a family when Jesus comes and tells nephi to preach repentance and shows him how to baptize. And they were very happy to learn about Jesus who visited the Nephites.

Monday the 5th we stayed in our area, did our laundry, and bought 2lbs of chicken wings and some members gathered some bananas and we walked to the other side of the island to roast the bananas and chicken.  We had a good time and we just talked, and relaxed by the beach and had a
great time. (You're Jealous Huh!)

Tuesday we went out to teach but many people were gone so instead we went and talked with a few member families.  During the afternoon we went to Lakatoro to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders.  They called us short of notice to ask us if we could exchange.  So we went to Lakatoro and Elder Takaro went with Elda Jensen to the Area of "Wala" and me and Elder Tupou (from Tonga) came to Uripiv with me. Elder Tupou is a big man and very cool.  By the Time we got back to Uripiv it was already dark and so we went to our house and fried up "Bigmouth" fish that Elda Tupou bought.

Then Wednesday Morning I had "Kraft Mac 'N' Cheese" that Elder Jensen gave to me.  It was Soooo Goooood!  Then we went and talked with a few members, shared a few messages to strengthen their faith and then taught the family I told you about earlier about Eternal Marriage. Here there are some customs (traditions) you have to follow to be married. For example if I want to get married, I have to ask permission from the father of the girl I want to be married to.  If he says yes, it's alright, but if he says I have to pay him for her, I have to do it.  So sometimes people can't get married when they want to, but that's how their customs are.  This couple is married yet but must get permission first. So we taught this family and strengthened their faith to pray to heavenly father to prepare a way for them to be able to get married soon and they were so happy for us to come and I hope soon we will be able to have them get married and we can baptize them.  Then the day drew to an end and we went and ate chicken wings at our house and  "Idahoans" mashed potatoes that Elder Jensen gave to
me.  It was one of the best mixed mashed potatoes I've had.  ("Idahoans mashed potatoes mix" is another idea if you ever send me packages).

Thursday we went and taught many less active members and they were all glad for us to come.  We think that if we help with the less actives first we will be able to help the branch become better and the missionary work will continue to improve.  I was able to learn many ways to help the work here improve from Elder Tupou.  He is awesome and I had a great time with him. 

Friday we went back to Lakatoro to exchange again and me and Takaro came back straight to Uripiv. When we got home we talked about our exchanges and I talked about many different things we can do to help the work in our area and Takaro said he was able to find some family member investigators from his island Ambae and he was able to teach them with Elder Jensen and help them know the truth of this church. We know that Heavenly Father prepared this exchange to happen and
everything that happened during the time of it was directed by the lord and now we hope that the missionary work will really improve. That afternoon we were able to teach our recent convert and he has such strong faith in this church.

Saturday many people were gone again for some reason but we talked with members and during the afternoon we had a Young Mens and Young Womens Activity.  We came to the church house and me and Elder Takaro taught the youth about choosing the right and then we went outside and played volleyball for the activity and we had biscuits(cookies) and juice as refreshments.  We had a good time playing with the youth.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to church and I taught Elder's Quorum about "Proclaiming the Gospel to the World".  They use the "Teachings of the prophet Joseph F. Smith" book to teach Elder's Quorum.  Not many Elders came yesterday but I think the lesson went well.  Then during Sunday School I taught in the Old Testament in 2 Samuel chapter 11 and 12 about how David had unclean thoughts and tried to hide his sins and eventually was responsible for the death of Uriah.  And David lost his exaltation.  It was a really great lesson and many members complimented on it.  After church we walked around to teach but many people were at an important community meeting so we just decided to meet with our Branch Mission Leader.  Then that afternoon us with the Mission Leader all met with the branch president met and we came up with so many ideas to help everything here. The spirit really was there during that meeting. Many of you are probably curious about my work as the District Leader. As 1 of the district leader's here I look after 6 different missionaries and their areas. 4 of them are sisters and 2 are elders so I will be able to go and make exchanges with the elders to see how their work is going.  I also conduct baptism interviews for any investigator that needs and interview to be done in any area in my district.  I haven't done one yet but I really want to.  Many district leaders says that the interviews are one of the greatest blessings as a district leader.  I plan all of our district meetings and come up with ways to help improve our goals as missionaries.  Well that's
about all the work as a district leader.

Well know that all is well and I'm blessed to be here.  I have learned so much from my companion because he is a native and he knows how the people act, think, and their lifestyle here.  I have learned many things from him to help my work here in the future and even though the work has been slow in the past.  I really think that the lord is and will continue to help us here in Uripiv. Know you are loved and that everything is great.  The work is going forward and will continue to go forward.  I pray for you everyday and I can't believe I've been out for almost a year.  Missionary work is too short! I love you.


Elder Beynon