Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 12 on Port Vila

Dear Family Blong Mi,

Alright since you last heard me I was getting ready to go to Tanna.
Thursday me and Elder Hubbert, one of the Zone Leaders, flew
to do an exchange with Elder Ross and Elder Ngatehau.  We arrived and
drove to Lenakel to our house and did a small plan and we drove to
Whitegrass where we dropped off Elder Hubbert and Elder Ngatehau there to teach.
Then me and Elder Ross drove all the way up to Saet Siwi and we
arrived at around 12pm.  Everything was much greener and the road up
was fine.  We got up there and met two of my good old friends named
Maban and Jerry.  Both are preparing to go on missions now.  We went on
splits with them and Elder Ross split with Maban and I split with
Jerry.  Me and Jerry stayed up in Ikurup as Elder Ross and Maban went
down to Imaeo.  We ended up teaching Elder Benry's mother named
Natinmen about the Restoration.  Everyone in his family are members
except for his parents.  I was able to teach a little in the language
and Jerry translated as well as needed.  Afterwards we walked around
and talked with people and many people were surprised when I talked to
them in their language.  We then walked town to the village of Iabowr
and taught a new investigator named Ellen who was interested in the Church.
We taught her about the restoration as well and she knew everything
was true.  We walked back up through Inias Village and past Iakunamari
and back down to Ikurup where I ran into Elder Benry's dad.  He's the
one who makes the bamboo flutes I told you about. I ended up buying 4
off of him to bring home.  Then we taught a group of kids about
prayer and we ate some manyoke and Maigargar (a type of cabbage) for
dinner.  We met up with elder Ross and Maban and even Elder Rausika
came with them and I was very happy to see him.  I said goodbye to
everyone and took some photos and then we drove all the way back to
Whitegrass and picked up the other 2 elders and drove back to Lenakel.
We all made new teaching records and updated the area book and we were
very happy with the work we did.  Combined we all taught 11
lessons and all were new investigators!
     Friday morning we studied and then in the afternoon we flew back
to Port Vila and we had lunch with the Zone Leaders, and then we
taught Elorine about Missionary Work.  It got dark and the Zone
Leaders came over to bake a cake for Saturday's Zone Baptism.  I made
a cake as well which turned out pretty good.
     Saturday morning at 10am we held our Zone Baptism Program.  All
the missionaries came with there investigators and many members came
as well.  A total of 16 investigators were ready to be baptized!  The
baptism was organized really well and Me and Elder Smiler baptized
Avock, Rose, Anna, Sele, Moses, Norman, and Elorine, a total of 8
baptisms in our area!  Afterwards we heard the testimonies of the new
converts and it was very strong meeting, many great testimonies were
shared.  Then we all had cake and biscuits for refreshments.  We
didn't get done until the afternoon and we went to President
Tiasanmal's house that night and visited with the prospective
     Sunday morning during sacrament meeting 3 babies were blessed and
we gave all 8 of our confirmations before the sacrament was passed.
The blessings and confirmations took up so much time that the first
counselor bore his testimony and had to end the meeting.  All the
confirmations took up the whole time!  After church we went to
President Basil's house where many members came to for an afternoon
meal.  President Basil and President Toungian ended up both adopting a
baby and we all ate together to commemorate it.  We also taught Moses,
norman, and Elorine about enduring to the end.  They were so happy to
be baptized!  Then we went to Namba Tri and taught Avock about
Chastity and mama Mara and her family about the plan of Salvation.
She too knows everything we've been sharing is true and she has a
great family.
   Everything is great here in Vanuatu.  This next week will be busy,
Wednesday through Friday we will be going to Santo for Zone Conference
again and then next week will be transfer week again!!! So a lot will
be going on and we will be keeping busy.  Mi lavem yufala Evriwan!!!


Elder Beynon

Teaching in Saet Siwi

My Family in Saet Siwi

Our Zone Baptisms

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