Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 2 in Gaua January 8-January 12, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week the zone leaders came and did training and they asked me to give a talk at zone conference.  I think I will talk about diligence.  I need to talk about one Christ-like attitude.  The zone leaders went back to Santo and then me and Elda Velly walked back to our home.  While we walked back it was very hot!  We sweated a lot!!!

But this place is cool.  We didn't teach many lessons because many people were working in their gardens, some were in the bush.  But it's alright.  My teaching has continued to improve and I've learned a lot from Elda Velly.

I like this place because the people are very nice and everyone gives us lots of food.  And the people here have a guitar and a keyboard.  I played them a lot and I was very happy to play instruments again.  Our house is close to the ocean.  It's only a hundred feet away from our house, but it's a rocky beach.   There's a sand beach close by and it's very cool!

Life here is good, but the water we drink is not good.  Whenever Elda Velly drinks it, his stomach is upset and his eyes burn.  I just get heartburn.  We think that the smoke from the volcano mixes with the rain and spoils the water.  But now the wind is blowing the smoke away and I hope that we will get good water.

I've been thinking about our family vacation when we went back to California.  It was a very good vacation and now it's been 6 months since we went!  Time has gone by fast.  Family vacation is one of my favorite things we do.  I don't know if you know, but my family is one of the most important things to me.  I love you so much!  Thank you so much for everything you have done for me before I came out on my mission.  And thank you very much for everything you are doing now for me.  My mission has been a great experience for me!

On Friday, Elda Velly didn't feel so well so we stayed at the house, and I made my talk for zone conference.  But don't worry about me, my heartburn has gone away and now we boil the water and it tastes better.

On Sunday we taught Sunday School.  We taught our unit about the Book of Mormon and it's history, and how it blesses our lives.  Then I gave a talk about agency at sacrament meeting.  After church, we taught four lessons!  It's the most lessons I've taught in one day since I've been here in Gaua.  This week has been a good week and I'm happy to be here and everything is good.

I love you all very much and I hope everything is alright with you.

With love, Elda Beynon

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