Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 7 on Gaua February 10-February 16, 2014

Yufala stap me kem wavem?  Mi stap raetem ol somting ia nomo.  Evri somting lo ples ia a stret.

Monday we stayed at our house.  Tyron came to our house and we played the ultimate poop head with me.  Then that night our neighbor wanted to make one more meal before Elda Velly leaves.  He went diving and brought back 40-50 fish.  Me and Elda Velly cooked them on the frying pan while our neighbor roasted some on the fire and boiled them.  Then we ate rice with the fish.  I ate about 5 or 6 fish.  I don't know why but Velly only ate one.  The fish was good.  I don't think I've ever eaten that many fish before! 

Tuesday morning our neighbor Philip drove us to Eapot and Elder Velly and Elder Passey flew out.  Elder Velly is going home and Passey is being transferred to White Sands, Tanna.  I've been to his are before while I served in Saet Siwi, which is cool.  After they flew out, Me Elder Echols and his new companion Elder Rasika went to a rich families house, Elder Echols told me the Mama knows how to make pizza and she has everything to make it.  We asked her if she would make us some pizza and we will pay her.  She said she would have the pizzas done by the next night.

 On Wednesday we went to the brach presidents house and soon found out that a perspective missionaries Father, (Tyron) died of cancer.  We couldn't teach because everybody was gone.  They went to see the family that afternoon.  The brach president asked us if we would dedicate the family's grave.  He asked me to give a small talk and Elder Echols to dedicate the grave.  We went to the funeral and I think 200-300 people were there.  They had already made a coffin and everybody gathered around the body to see him for the last time.  Everybody cried long and you could really feel the emotions of the people.  It's a lot different in America.  It's quiet and we look at the body with silence.  But here it's different.  It's interesting to see what they do.  Then they put the body in the coffin and then they take it to the grave that they dug.  The branch president started the program and Elder Echols dedicated the grave, and I gave a talk and taught about the spirit world.  I was nervous because there were many people from different faiths and I didn't want to offend anyone.  But everything went well.  The spirit was strong there and we all sang hymns while they filled up the grave with dirt.  It was a good experience.

Then we waited for the Mama's to bring us the pizza's..  There was  group of kids that saw me and asked me to show them magic tricks which we hated.  Apparently just about everyone in Gaua has heard about me and my card tricks.  Then the Mama brought our pizzas.  She came on the ATV I haven't seen one those for a while.  We paid $35 for 2 large and 1 small pizza!  We took it back to our house and me and Echols chowed down!  It didn't taste like the pizza in America, but it was so good.  The lady didn't use any tomato sauce, so we told her to use KETCHUP instead!!!  Surprisingly the ketchup is different as well.  It was worth the $35.  We also saved some pizza for the branch president.  Pizza is now his favorite food.  We call pizza lap-lap blo US here (bishlama) that's the only way we can explain it to the people here.  Lap-lap is something that the people make here all the time.  They are many different kinds like lap-lap yam, lap-lap manyoke, lap-lap taro, lap-lap banana.  The people grate the banana or whatever they are using for the lap-lap on a cheese grater.  Then they wrap it up in banana leaves and put it on the fire or hot rocks so it can cook.

Thursday morning we went to the brach presidents house to do some service.  We helped them move big rocks by their house.  Then we went to the airport, because Elder Leva was coming in.

Friday we taught a few lessons and found a new investigator.  We were out and about for a long time.  Elder Leva is a hard working missionary.  I liked my last companion but he didn't want to work as hard and he was sick a lot.  We didn't work as hard.

Saturday we taught many lessons as well and got two new investigators.  We hope to find more so we can increase the members in our unit.  We plan on baptizing three kids on March 1st.  I hope all will work out for that. 

Just know that life is good here.  I don't want to leave Gaua.  They are many great people and I have made many friends.  I have my new companion Elda Leva, he is a very funny guy and a great friend.  Know that I am happy and that live is great!  I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Elda Baenon

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