Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 5 in Gaua January 27th-February 2nd 2014

This week was a fun week!  On Monday we went to Eapot and stayed with Elder Passey  and Echols for the night because we would fly to Santo for Zone Conference on Tuesday morning.  We went to "family house night" family home evening, and taught a family about service, and then we had a little testimony meeting.  Then me, Elder Echols, and Elder Passey started talking about stuff.  Elder Echols is from Georgia and I told him how Grandma Linda and some of our family are from the South.  I asked him questions about food and stuff there.  He asked me if we eat black eyed peas ever New Year, and I told him yes and told him how we eat Hoppin' John every year.  Then he pulled out a packet of grits that he got in a Christmas package and asked me if I've had them before?  I said," Every time we go to Grandma Linda's we have grits".  It was cool to relate to each other.

On Tuesday we flew to Luganville, Santo and dropped all of our luggage off at a missionary house that we stayed at.   The first thing we did was go to a small restaurant and eat french fries.  It hit the spot!  Then we went and emailed on the internet, and it was slow so I couldn't send pictures.  Sorry my email was short, there wasn't much to talk about at that moment, and I had already sent off my letters.  Oh I forgot to tell you a perspective missionary in our unit came with us to have a final interview with the Mission President to go on a mission.  He didn't follow us.  He stayed with all the other perspectives. 

On Wed. morning I exchanged with a missionary names Elder McCain from Gilbert, Az.  Me, McCain, Passey and Echols all went to a restaurant for breakfast.  Elder McCain got french toast, Elder Echols got fried chicken and me and Passey got toast and jam.  The restaurant was very expensive, that's why we just got toast!  But the toast with butter and jam was SO good!  I don't think I've had toast since the MTC!!!  Then we went to another internet place and once again I couldn't send pictures!  I know you've been dying to see what's going on here.  After trying to email, we got more french fries!  Then all the Elders and Sisters gathered at our district and we cleaned the grounds and the chapel.  Some senior couples made cake and brownies for all that helped.  I was so happy to have cake and ice cream!!!

Then the senior couples brought packages.  A package from Joe and Grammy came!  It felt just like a birthday party!  Cake, ice cream, packages, candy.  Thanks Joe and Grammy for the packages and candy!

Thursday was Zone Conference and it was really good!  We have great Zone Leaders here and our Mission President is amazing!  He has many great thoughts and I love him a lot.  After Conference we all went to the Santo Hotel and we all ate a big meal.  I ate fried rice, chicken, chili, meatballs, cucumbers, and corn.  I was a very happy missionary!  I needed something different and good to eat.  The island food here is good, but plain.  So it was good to have food similar to the US and it all had good flavor and spice.

Friday we went shopping for food to bring back to Gaua because it is cheaper to buy in Santo.  We flew to Gaua and on the plane two people from Australia started asking us about the church.  Me, Elder Passey and Echols started teaching them a little bit.  They didn't fully accept our beliefs but they were great guys and they enjoyed our conversation.  It made me think about the church movie "labor of love" where one missionary is flying home and the guy sitting next to him asks about missionary work and their church.  It was a cool experience.  Once we got go Gaua we realized it wasn't as hot as last time we were there.  The weather has been a lot better here.

On Saturday we were able to teach Tyran's family (Tyron is the perspective missionary in our unit)  Me and Elda Velly commited one of Tyron's brothers and sisters to be baptized.  Then on Sunday I taught sunday school and we taught three lessons!  One of them we were able commit one lady to be baptized.  So we should have three more baptisms in the next month!

We were able to receive many referrals so work here should improve and we should be able to teach more.  Tomorrow we plan on going to a waterfall for a district activity and possibly to the lake that is by the volcano.

Know that I am very happy to be here.  Thanks for the emails that you sent.  Oh and how was the cruise mom and dad?  I bet it was a blast!  I love you all so much and thanks for the love you show.  Take care.

Love, Elda Baenon

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