Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Going to Uripiv on a sailboat  

Uripiv Week 11, July 20, 2014
Dear Family,
This week I was able to go on an exchange with one of the zone leaders named Elder Jensen from Alberta Canada.  I met him while I was in Tanna. Tuesday morning we came to Lakatoro and waited about 5 hours for the Zone Leaders to come.  We talked with some members that were here and just waited and waited for the Zone Leaders to come. Finally they came and me and Jensen went to Uripiv and it was dark by the time we arrived. So we went to the store and bought some chicken wings and i made some french fries with kumala that i bought at the market.  Then we cooked the chicken on the frying pan. Then I taught Elder Jensen how to play Magic the Gathering. When we finished he said an awesome quote and said "pokemon's for nubes, magic's where it's at!" 

Wednesday we went out to teach and were able to teach the Ten Commandments to one of our investigators.  Then During the afternoon we played futbol (soccer) and had a great time. Then that night we went to someone's house who had recently had a baby die and they asked us elders to give a small talk. I shared D&C one hundred and thirty seven and talked about how kids who die under age eight will be saved in the Celestial Kingdom. Then we ate laplap for dinner with the family.
Thursday we were out and about but no one was on the island because a ship came and during the afternoon we played futbol again. When we finished Elder Jensen was able to interview one of our investigators to be baptised.  We will be baptising the investigator this week. That night we bought chicken wings and dipped them in egg and covered them with flour and deep fried them. It was dang good.  Then we played more magic before bed.

Friday morning we came back to Lakatoro and we exchanged again and me and Elder Takaro went to the market before we went back to Uripiv.  At the market we saw a man named brad who is from Michigan and him and his family live on Uripiv to translate the bible in the people's heart language here.  He said he was ready to go back to the island and he said that we could come on his sail boat if we wanted.  We followed him and boarded his sailboat/yacht and headed to Uripiv. It was awesome. Everyone was gone again so we weren't able to teach any lessons.

Saturday we taught a couple lessons which was good and played futbol again that afternoon.
Sunday was good, we went to church and we taught about the plan of salvation during Sunday school. Then after church we taught a few members and a few investigators which made our day!

Today we found out that we will only be coming to Lakatoro every two weeks :(  Just like while I was in Tanna.  Next week you will be able to hear from me because it's transfer week.  I think I will be staying but we will just see.  So if I stay you will start to here from me every 2 weeks again (Sorry). If I get transferred to Santo or Vila the rules might be different.

Well know that all is well.  The Work is still a little slow but we have many ideas to help the branch here in Uripiv. I am blessed to be here and I'm happy here. I love you all so much.
Elder Beynon

Playing basketball with the missionaries
The futbol (soccer field) where we play futbol with the kids
Eating fried chicken and fries with Elda Jensen
The market where Mama's sell lots of food: bananas, coconuts, taro, kumala, manyoke, green onions, peanuts, oranges, etc.

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