Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 10 on Uripiv July 13, 2014

Dear Family,

Honestly not much happened this week.

Wednesday we were able to teach a few lessons and do a fun little fireside. This wasn't just any ordinary fireside.  We held it outside a member's house and anyone who wanted to come could come.  We decided to talk about why we have so many churches in the world today. Then we
taught about Joseph Smith and showed a movie about the Restoration and taught them how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon.  It turned out great and we gave out 5 book of mormons to non-members who were interested.  The members were very happy to learn more about Joseph

Thursday we did some small service for a mama and filled up bags with "Sandbeach" (sand) and we carried them to a house where they would use it for the floor.  No lessons were taught that day but we were able to talk to many members and investigators.  Friday was good and we were able to teach a couple investigators and we hope to baptize one of them this Saturday.  Saturday everyone and I mean EVERYONE was gone because people were preparing for a wedding on a small island next to ours called "Nanwood".  So everyone was there.  We asked the Zone Leaders if we could go but they wanted us to stay in our area.  But it's alright, there's a purpose for these things.  We weren't able to teach a lesson because there was no one here.

Sunday not many people came to church because they were holding the actual wedding that day and many members went straight to Nanwood.  And once again everyone went to Nanwood but we were able to teach a less active member which is good.  Then we just went home and I studied and listened to and Audio Recording called the "Day of Defense" if you've ever heard of that?  It's a recording of missionaries answering questions to pastors who are against our beliefs.  They answer all their questions in the Bible and it's really cool.

Many of you are probably wondering how the weather is here because it's winter and July is the Coldest month in Vanuatu.  It's quite indifferent.  There's a tiny change in temperature.  Last night was honestly the coldest night in my mission.  It probably got down to 55 or 60.  Earlier this week it was hot and at the end it cooled a little. I still miss the snow though.

Well just know all is well.  The work is going forward but slowly.  Let's just say Uripiv needs help and we are trying to help it. But all is well, we will continue to try our best here and rely on the Lord.
I love you all and hope all is well.

Elder Beynon

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