Monday, September 8, 2014

Me playing with the kids

Uripiv Week 18 September 7, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

The first half of the week we didn't teach at all because everyone was gone, the usual.  But the weekend was great. We have still been focusing on less active members to teach because the branch is our big focus.  I guess to help you know how the mission is here I will tell you what our mission president told us.  The missionaries here in Vanuatu are the foundation builders.  We are here to rebuild the foundation when it crumbles and to keep it strong.  The Church here hasn't been here
too long and in the future it will be different, a lot different. So I guess to help you know more about what it's like here is that our focus isn't all about baptizing and teaching investigators, it's about
helping the members stay strong, helping those in need, and to help each branch become strong so through the leaders, the missionary work can continue to go forward and the church can continue to grow.  So we were able to teach many less actives and members.

Saturday we were able to hold an activity for the Aaronic Priesthood Quorum.  We bought 3 Fowl (chickens) and we and the young men met at the church, opened our time and walked to the other side of the island to go rus wetem olgeta (roast with everyone).  Some of the boys grabbed some bananas off some banana trees in their garden and we went and built a fire and start roasting.  Before we ate, me and my companion tried to teach the young men about their priesthood duties and then we all ate together.  It was a lot of fun.  Then me and some pikinini (kids) walked on the beach to a big rock sticking out of the water. Apparently there is a small monument that covers an old bomb back from WWII.

Here's some historical background, so back in the times of WWII, you already know that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, but also they tried to take over many pacific islands, including the islands of Vanuatu.  But the U.S.A. army came and helped drive out the Japanese.  Their are old U.S. army bases on some of the islands back from the time. Well we climbed on top of this rock and took lots of pictures and had a great time. That night the zone leaders called  and told us about transfers. Elder Takaro will be staying in Uripiv and an Elder from Samoa will be taking my place. They said that I will still be the district leader but I will be transferring to Lowni.  So Lowni and Tisman (the area I went to a couple weeks ago)  will be the areas that me and my new companion Elder Joe (he was born in Saet Siwi, Tanna, my first area!) will look after.  I was a little sad, but I'm still in the same district and I will be able to go to Uripiv again when I exchange. I'm excited, I've already seen Lowni and I already know some people there and I will have a lot of fun.

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to church and it was testimony meeting so I bore my last testimony in Uripiv.  I shed a few tears, I thought I could hold it in because my new area isn't very far at all, but I have made so so so so so so so many friends on my little island and the love that everyone shows and the pikinini here is just so strong.  It was great though, I know I will be able to come back. Well all I can say is that the branch is improving and we are starting to see good changes here in Uripiv.  Lowni is alot like Uripiv as well, we will be focusing on strengthening the branch, and the Unit in Tisman, and help the church continue to go forward.

Know all is well and I am so happy to be serving the lord here.  I am very excited to go to Lowni as well and to serve with my new companion Elder Joe. Oh and I forgot to tell you about the house.  The house in Lowni is awesome!  I will have running water, a flushing toilet, lights, and fans, and best of all, an ice box!!!

Well know that I I love you all very much and hope all is well. Kenzie, happy birthday! You are the best sister in the world and sorry this is our first time being apart for our birthday.  It's always
possible that I will be coming home before our birthday next year.  I love you!

Love, Elder Beynon

Roasting food with the youth

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