Sunday, September 28, 2014

The view in Rembe Village

Week 3 on Malekula September 28, 2014

Last Tuesday we went to Tisman.  The place I went to with Elder Ross
Last Month.  We have a Unit with about 40 members there and we look
over the unit as well as Lowni Branch.  We got there and that
afternoon we went and saw an investigator named Joseph.  He's a great
guy, he should be ready to baptize in a few weeks.

After our lesson, we walked back home and while we walked there were many flying foxes
flying around.  One was about 30 feet above us and my companion pulled
back on his slingshot and nailed the flying fox in the head and it
fell down dead.  It was awesome!  We gave it to a papa in the Unit and
they made laplap with it.   

Wednesday we went to a village called Rembe
to look for another investigator named Kaldom.  I met him when I came
with Elder Ross so I already know him and he's a very nice teenage
boy.  We taught him about the plan of Salvation.  We taught clear and
it was a very good lesson.  Towards the end we taught about the
kingdoms of glory and I shared a scripture in 3 nephi 28:10 to help
him know what it will be like in eternal life.  After he read the
scripture I could tell that he was touched, knowing that we will have
everlasting joy and happiness. It was a very good lesson. Then
afterwards we took some pictures of a beautiful view of the ocean and
the island by his house. That afternoon we taught a very faithful family
who really wants to bebaptized.

Thursday we went to the village of Resar to meet with our Unit Leader.
Then afterwards we looked for some investigators and Less Actives to
teach but everyone was gone that day.  But it's alright.  I like
Tisman, it's a very nice area.  We will probably go back this weekend
for church.

Friday morning we jumped on a truck at 5:30am and it brought us back
to Lowni.  When we got back we saw a snake in a mango tree!  Only a
few islands in Vanuatu has snakes.  It was too high and too small of a
tree for me to climb up and grab it.  If I find another snake I will
make sure to get a hold of it and send a picture to you.

Saturday we went to the village of Tevoliout and visited a few less
active members and we also found a new person to teach.  His name is
Stanley.  We taught him about the restoration and he just knew it was
true.  That's how it is. Whenever someone converts, they say that they
know it's true.

Sunday we went to church and not many people came because it rained.
We went to Tevoliout after church and talked with some members and
taught a couple named Joseph and mariana.  We read Alma chapter 34
together to help them know more about the need of the atonement and
what we need to do to prepare our lives.

Well all I can say is that all is well.  I will let you know that
there are many things we are trying to do to help our branch.  Through
diligence and patience the lord will help us and I really am glad to
be serving in Lowni. Know all is well and I love you all.  Sorry this
message is short. I'm short on time and there's not too much to talk
about.  I love you all so much and hope all is well.

Elder Beynon

The shot flying fox

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