Monday, October 6, 2014

Tanna Week 1 October 6, 2014

Gud Moning ol Famle Blo Mi! (it's morning here)
So first off, to let you know, I'm sending you this email in Tanna!  You are probably wondering "what the heck!, what happened?  Well keep reading on and you'll find out. So last Monday after I emailed you I went on an exchange with and Elder from Samoa named Elder Safea.  We both went to Uripiv!  When I got there it felt like I was going home, I love Uripiv so much.  Many people and kids were so happy to see me again. That afternoon we just walked around the island and I said hi to everyone again. 

Tuesday we went and taught a few less actives who aren't coming to church.  We mainly walked around and talked with people and members and then taught when we got the chance.

Wednesday morning I was doing a personal study and the Zone Leaders called and said someone in your district is getting Emergency Transferred.  He gave me the chance to guess.  When he asked me who's getting transferred, I said "Is it me?"  And he said "yes it's you".  You will be transferring to Tanna and work as a Zone Leader there.  You will be flying out from Malekula tomorrow.  You need to end your exchange, get to your area and pack up your things."  When he said that I was paralyzed!  Not from the fact that I would be going to Tanna, but mainly from the fact that I'm leaving quickly and there's barely any time to say goodbye.  I love Malekula and I didn't want to leave it.  I was excited to go to Tanna but I didn't want to leave Malekula yet.  So I packed up my things in Uripiv and walked around the island to say goodbye to as many people as I could.  It was very hard to say goodbye.  We then had a boat take us to the main land and we ended our exchange and went to Lowni. There I packed up my bags and we played one last game of Volleyball with the kids that afternoon. 

Thursday morning the Zone Leaders came and we played a few last games of magic before going to the airport.  I said goodbye to the kids and members in the area and then we went to the airport.  I flew to Port Vila and the AP's (assistants to the mission president) picked me up and brought me to the area of "Blacksands" to stay with the missionaries there.  I stayed with Elder Echols (the elder from Georgia who was in my district while I was in Gaua) and his companion Elder Tivles, from Santo.
Me and Elder Echols were so happy to see each other again.  I stayed with them that night and on Friday morning I went to Zone Conference. (I would be flying to Tanna on Saturday Morning) Zone Conference was good, another Area Seventy named Alfred Johansen from Zew Zealand came and talked to us.  It was a privelage to hear him speak to us.  After the Conference we went to a restaurant and had a burger and fries for dinner. It was sooooo good!!!

Well on Saturday morning I checked in at the airport at 5:30am and flew at 7:30 to Tanna.  It was good to come back.  My new companion is Elder Child from Ogden Utah. His full name is Carson Kyle Child.  I found out that he went to SUU for 2 semesters before coming on his mission.  During my senior year of high school.  He's been to Costa Vida and I bet that I've met him there before, but just can't remember.  He even met Michael Matheson at Gold's Gym which is Ironic.  Elder Child doesn't know Michael well, but just remembers a bald kid who always lifted.  Funny, Right! My new companion is awesome, we both have a lot in common.

So here in Tanna, me and Elder Child look after 3 areas right now.  A Unit in the city of Lenakel.  Our house is in the city. Another Unit down south called Inepkasu, and a branch farther south in the area called Greenpoint.  I've been to Greenpoint once before just before I went to Gaua so I know a few people there and their language is the same as my first area Saet Siwi, so I'm able to talk a little in their langauge.
So after I arrived we went to Inepkasu with the Elders who stay in Saet Siwi. (one of the elders had to go to port vila and came back with me to tanna).  We went with our Unit Leader named Sam to the bush and cut some trees to use as a post to build a small church house there. It was fun. 
 After the service we drove to Greenpoint and taught an investigator there before we drove to North Tanna to the area of Middle bush so the District Leader could interview someone to be baptized.  Then that night we took the 2 elders to Saet Siwi.  It was a dark by the time we got there and I saw two boys and they didn't seem to recognize me when we drove by.  I told them to come and I told them it's Elder Beynon and when they heard that the jumped on the side of the truck (while we were driving) and hugged me and were so glad to see me again.  One of the small boys kissed me on the cheek which was funny.  But it made my day, I didn't know that I was loved that much by some of the people.  We didn't have time to stay which was sad because it was late and we had to go back to Lenakel.  So I said goodbye and said I would come back sometime on an exchange.  We got home late that night and planned and went to sleep. It was a long full day of work which was very good.

Sunday we drove to Greenpoint (we have only one truck here in Tanna now and we use it.) I I will most likely will be able to drive in the future but only my companion is authorized to drive right now.

So we went to Greenpoint and we walked to church and I saw a teenage boy walking on the road.  I recognized him, his name is Katum from Saet, Siwi.  He was my best friend while I was there and he taught with us everyday while I was there.  I said hi to him and talked and asked him some questions in his language but he didn't seem to recognize me either.  Then I said "Naguk Elda Beynon" which means "my name is elder beynon."  When he heard that he was so glad and gave me a big hug.  He couldn't believe that I'm back in Tanna.  Then we walked to church together. Church was very good.  it was fast and testimony meeting and I bore my testimony there and the branch, it is a beautiful bush church house.  After Church we drove back to Lenakel (which takes about an hour)  and we taught an investigator who will be baptized this Saturday.  Then we visited a family who had recently been baptized and taught them about the Restoration again. I love the people, I'm new in the areas but they are so welcoming.  Then during the late afternoon we taught a couple about the temple and temple marriage. They were very happy and very interested in the temple and we hope that someday they will be able to go. We got back home at around 8pm. Another great and busy day!

Yesterday we did some shopping and wanted to email but we couldn't find the time because we had so many things going on.  I was able to copy talks from general conference that an elder downloaded so we will be able to listen to it in the truck. Then we ended up taking the Saet Siwi Elders back to their area and came back and did our weekly planning.  That was the end of our P-day.  Busy busy busy, I like it! 

Well since I'm a Zone Leader and living in Lenakel you should be able to hear from me every week.  Usually we will email on Mondays, but if we are busy like we were yesterday, we will be emailing on Tuesdays.  That's why you're receiving this email late.

Well know all is well.  I was sad to leave Malekula but so happy that I could come back to Tanna.  I love being a zone leader so far and I think I'm going to be here a long time.  We have many responsibilities here and I will try to let you know what we do here.  Sorry my time is short so plan on hearing from me next week on Monday or Tuesday.

I love you all so much and know that all is well and I'm excited for what is to come while I'm here. I love you!
Elder Beynon

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