Monday, December 15, 2014

Me and the kids in Inapkasu

Tanna Week 11 December 15, 2014

Dia Famle mo ol frien blo mi,

So last week if you remember, I said that we planned on making Tacos for dinner,  well we changed our mind and decided to make Chimichangas!!!  Elder Child cooked up some beef and made some salsa. I made refried beans and tortilla dough and we deep fried some chimichangas!  They were so dang good!  I haven't had mexican food at all on my mission.  We were so satisfied.

Well on Tuesday we went to Karimasanga to see henry and his family and when we got there, there were about 20 other people gathered together to hear our message.  So we shared the message of the restoration with everyone who was there. It was an awesome lesson and many of the people agreed with what we taught and at the end we asked if anyone had any questions.  And one papa asked many questions and we answered every one with the bible.  It was really cool though because we did it in a loving way and there was no argument whatsoever.  Then we found out that he was a pastor for another church.  He was a really good guy though.  We ended up being there a long time and then we drove to Greenpoint where a member gave us some slings we asked him to make.

The slings are kind of like the ones that David used against Goliath and the kids here are very good at using them.  I've been practicing and I'm pretty good at using it as well.  It's so fun, there's so many
cool weapons here.  We then went to Miraweng where we taught a perspective missionary named Johnny and his family.  He needed some money for a passport so I told him that if he made me bow and arrow, I would pay him to help him earn some money for his mission.  The people here make bow and arrows all the time and it's really cool.

Wednesday we had Zone Training in the Morning and then we started getting some stuff prepared for Zone Conference.  Then we dropped a couple perspective missionaries off at the airport so they could go to Port Vila to get some stuff done.  Then that afternoon we taught our investigator Tiffany about Missionary Work.

Thursday we planned on going to Inapkasu and when we got there there were about 60 people gathered together.  People were playing Volleyball and eating and apparently the Unit Leader there had planned a christmas activity for the day there.  So we hung out with the members and played Volleyball and spent the day up there with the members and people who came to the activity. Then we taught our investigator Elina about Eternal Marriage.

Friday morning we went to the hospital and helped a perspective missionary get a medical check up for his mission papers.  Then we went and taught our investigator Joe and Mary about the Sabbath.  Then we visited a less active member and taught her.  Then that night we visited a member family and ate dinner with them and shared a spiritual message with their family.  Then when we went home we decided to try and make burritos for dinner.  I made the tortillas and beans and my companion cooked up some steak and we ate some good mexican food for dinner again!

Saturday we went to Karimasanga again and taught Henry's family, then we drove to Greenpoint and saw one of our investigators with some members sitting on the beach so we sat with them and just talked with them awhile.  Then we saw Johnny and we walked up to Miraweng and he gave me a bow and arrow he made for me.  It's pretty cool, I will have to try and bring it home.  It's totally made out of natural materials. We stayed with his family awhile and we taught them and then we went back to Lenakel to an appointment but it got cancelled.

Yesterday morning we drove to Whitesands to church because there was a perspective missionary named Daniel who needed to go to the airport to fly out and go on his mission.  We went to church and left during class to take him all the way to the airport.  He's serving here in Vanuatu so he will go to the New Zealand MTC for a few weeks and then fly back to Vanuatu.  We dropped him off and then we went and taught a new investigator papa named Peter about the Restoration.  It was an amazing lesson. He agreed with everything we said and he accepted the Book of Mormon so proudly!

Then we went and taught our Recent Convert Royal about family prayer.  Then we taught David Jonah and his family about the Word of Wisdom and they totally knew that it was true and that we need to look after our bodies. Afterwards we went to the hospital and gave a couple blessings to 2 members that were sick. Then we went to a recent converted family's house and taught them about prophets and how the book of mormon came about.  Then we made burritos again for dinner.  I made the tortillas and beans again and everything came out well.

But Elder Child cooked the meat and accidently spilled too much salt when mixed it with sauce.  The
burrito was so salty that we couldn't finish it.  But it's alright, sometimes things don't turn out. Well know all is well and I love you.  I know you're all busy for christmas and so am I.  Take care and I can't wait for you to call on christmas!


Elder Beynon

Me and the kids with my bow and arrow

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