Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walking to whitesands along Mt Yasur

 Tanna Week 9 December 2, 2014

Dear Famle Sio,

Sorry, we've been busy the last few days now finally we've had the chance to email. Well since you last heard me, I had the chance to go on an exchange last monday night to Saet Siwi, my first area!  We drove there and I stayed with Elder Godfrey.  He's from Gaua, I met him when I was there
and he flew out to go on his mission and now I have the chance to see him again!

We got there late at night and on Tuesday we walked down to the village of "Imaeo", I hope you remember it.  While I was there I interviewed a mama so she could be baptized and we played with the kids there. Then we walked down to Ikuarumanu (I used to call it Korumanu) where we taught a less active kid who I used to know. November 25th and 26th is when school ends here and at the school in Ikuarumanu there were many cool dances that the Students and people did,  It's kind of like our spring fling we used to do but it's cooler here!

Then the Branch President said that he was going to walk up to the village of "Navateng", which is up the mountain directly east of Saet Siwi.  I've been there once before and I told you that there was an
area where it's forbidden to look back or talk, or step on the leg of the person in front of you.  Well we followed the branch president up there to the school there and they were doing dances there as well. We sat and watched with members and non-members, and we played volleyball with the people and had a great time!  Then we walked back to Saet Siwi when it was dark and many kids followed us.  That's one thing I've always liked about Saet Siwi, there's always a friend that want's to follow us around there.

Wednesday morning we woke up early and walked two hours down the mountain across the ash fields along the volcano to Whitesands where we held District Meeting.  After the meeting we exchanged again and went back to our areas.  I was so happy to see Saet Siwi again!  We weren't able to teach at all that afternoon because everyone was at the schools where they had all the dances and activities.

Thursday, we went to Inapkasu and taught a recent convert family about the restoration and another investigator about the word of wisdom. Afterwards we drove all the way to the airport to pick up Elder and Sister Duke, a senior couple who looks over the missionary houses and health of the missionaries.  We brought them to the hospital so Sister Duke could get an idea of what's available here and while we were there we checked on a kid we gave a blessing to last Sunday.  She was
doing better but her dad asked us to give another one and then three other people asked us to give blessings to their kids.  It's such a blessing to have the priesthood in my life to help others and my
family.  Then we took Elder and Sister Duke to the Whitegrass Resort. Friday (Thanksgiving your time,) we drove to Whitegrass Resort and we met Elder and Sister Duke and they said "Do you want to eat before we go?" and they bought us lunch.  I ordered a pizza which was soooo good and Elder Child was able to eat a pork wrap with french fries, so I guess you could count on that as our thanksgiving meal and I was very happy for some good food!

We took them to some houses to see and the Whitegrass chapel and a few missionary houses.  We were basically their taxi for the day and helped them with anything they needed to get done.  And that's all that happened that day, it was a good thanksgiving!

Saturday we were able to teach a few lessons in Lenakel and at night we went to Evergreen Resort for dinner and I bought a burger and fries which was so dang good! It was expensive though.  Then the AP's called to let us know about transfers and me and Elder Child are still staying together.

Sunday we went to Inapkasu for church and we taught the kids and youth about the word of wisdom and we made a little games for them to play to help them remember it.  It was fun.  After church we went back to Lenakel and taught a few investigators.

Monday was busy, there was a big rainstorm in the south and we had to go pick up the elders from saet siwi and bring them to town for p-day and then we did some shopping but also had to buy stuff for a new missionary house in whitegrass.  We bought everything and Elder Ross and Elder Killpack came with us because we had to go to greenhill because we needed to grab elder killpack's luggage because he would be transferring on Tuesday.  On our way there we stopped by a bridge that
was blocked because it was under construction so there was a side road that we had to take.  But down this side road was a truck down there that was stuck in the mud trying to get up,  There was mud everywhere and the truck couldn't get traction. Some of the people tied a rope to the front and they were trying to pull it out.  Then we helped them out and pulled with them and eventually they got out.  Then everybody started fixing the bridge,  they filled up each side with dirt so the truck could get across and that's how we got across.  Then we grabbed Elder Killpack's things and brought him with us to stay with us for the night.

Tuesday morning we brought Elder Killpack to the Airport.  He flew out and Brother Toro from fiji came so he could do some training for the branch presidents here. And also Elder Rausika came, the Elder that hung out with me and Elder Leva while we were in Gaua.  Elder Rausika is from Saet Siwi and he came so we could bring him home because he finished his mission.  Then 2 other elders came who were transferring here.  We dropped them off at lenakel and then Brother Toro held  a meeting with some branch president's at our house.  Afterwards we drove all the way to Saet Siwi to Imaeo where Elder Rausika's from.  I know his family because I was able to meet them last year which is
cool.  We got there and his family was so glad to see him and they removed his missionary badge and we all ate with his friends and family who came.  We played soccer with many of the kids and had some fun with them and had a great time.  Then we drove all the way back to drop off Brother Toro at whitegrass resort and he offered us some dinner.  He bought us Sirloin Steak and Ice Cream and it was amazing food!  I haven't had a medium rare steak since before my mission!

This morning we picked up Brother Toro and we went to the Whitegrass Branch so he could do some training there and we joined district meeting with the north tanna district.  Afterwards we ate lunch with brother Toro and brought him back to the airport and we came straight here so I could email you!

Well know all is well and I'm so happy to be serving as a Zone Leader here.  Thanksgiving was great and I'm glad all went well.  Mi lavem yufala tumas!


Elder Beynon

Dances at the school at Ikauramanu

Driving south to Inapkasu


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