Sunday, January 11, 2015

Activity at the Beach
Week 15 on Tanna January 11, 2015

Dia Famle blo mi,

I don't have a good recollection of what happened last week but I will try to remember as best as I can. Monday we drove all the way to Saet Siwi and picked up the branch president's son Sampson Nipikou and a few other friends and went up to the volcano and this time it was really cool, a lot like the time I used to serve there, rumbling all the time.  It was so cool!

Last Tuesday we went to the airport to check in a perspective missionary and then we drove to Karimasanga and saw his family.  Then we went up to Miraweng to teach a certain family but they were gone.  Some neighbors were nearby and we played with the kids and did magic tricks
and then taught them.  Afterwards we ate dinner at a potential investigators house.  He's a a pastor of another church and his family is really respective of us and we are very respective of him.  So we
are trying to gain his trust and eventually teach his family.

Well Wednesday morning we went to our District Meeting in Whitesands and afterwards we drove to Whitegrass where we met the Greenhill Elders to Exchange. I exchanged with an Elder from Fiji named Elder Taukei and we walked to the area of "Coffee"  where we looked for a few investigators and members to teach.  Sadly enough each appointment cancelled, everywhere we went, the person we were looking for was gone, we did however have the chance to socialize with some members a
bit and then it started to rain hard and we walked an hour and a half all the way back to the house in Greenhill, the mud wasn't very bad like it was in the past. We got back to the house and it was raining
hard and we made dinner and we had nothing else to do so we studied awhile and then went to sleep a little earlier.

The next morning we woke up, it was still raining and after our studies the rain slowed down and we then we went out to walk to the village of "Itonga".  We walked down a steep ravine and crossed a
creek before walking up the other side to get to the village.  It was very slippery but thank goodness we never fell down or slid down the ravine.  We planned on teaching a mama there but she was gone working in her garden so we played with her kids for awhile.  Then Elder Child called and said that we had to end our exchange because a ship in Lenakel was getting ready to leave and we had to put our truck on it so it can get repaired and serviced in Port Vila.  The truck was origionally supposed to go on Friday but instead we had to load it on Thursday.  So we ended the exchange, loaded it on and then we walked up to the hospital to visit a papa from Greenpoint that we brought to the hospital last saturday.  His leg was very swollen and they decided that they would fly him to Port Vila to go to the Hospital there.

Then we went to check up on a recent convert but he wasn't home and then we went home because Elder Child didn't feel good at all. Remember the horse we ate? Well when I was in Saet Siwi a few weeks ago he cooked up a lot of the meat and ate a ton, and it totally ruined his stomach.  He can't eat much and he's been vomitting.  Don't worry, I've been giving him some oils to use.

Well on Friday we did our weekly planning while the District Presidency held a meeting and then we walked all the way to "Lokueria" to teach our investigator Joe and we walked all the way back to
Lenakel where we taught Tiffany and Ken at the end of the night.  Not much happened that day, just a lot of.....walking. It feels good to be walking around though, I'm sick of sitting in the truck all the time.

Well Saturday our Unit had an activity. (a late christmas activity) and we waited with some members for a transport to bring us to a certain beach where it would be held.  We waited 4 hours and the
transport never came so we arranged other transports to bring us there.  We got there and relaxed on the beach, played cards, ate kumala and roasted pig while we just spent time with each other as
members. Many non-members came too.  There were lots of small activities and we had to walk out on the reef to find a certain snail with a special shell and whoever found one would get a free book of
mormon.  Then we all walked in the bush to a couple big trees where there were 100's of flying foxes hanging and flying around.  I took tons of pictures and it was very cool!  We just stayed at the beach
all day and had a good time!

Yesterday we went to church in Lenakel and after church we walked an hour away to Peter's house and he was gone but his daughter Blondie was there so we taught her about the gospel of jesus christ. she's going to greenhill in a few weeks so she will most likely get baptized there.  Then we walked to our Unit Leader's house and had a meeting with him before we went to see our investigator Thomas.  We taught him about tithing  thoroughly and how the church is organized.  Then we went home a little early again because my companion didn't feel very good at all because of his upset stomach.  Oh and we found out that we are not transferring, so we will be together for another 6 weeks.

Well know that all is well and that I'm happy, sorry not too much happened last week.  But life's good. We will probably start walking to Inapkasu and Greenpoint now, that will be an adventure!  I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Beynon
Flying fox aka Bat!

A whole flock of flying foxes

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