Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 16 on Tanna January 18, 2015

Romasen sio famle,

Sorry this letter will be a little short because my companion got
really sick but he's better now.

Last Monday we had Elder Godfrey and Elder Dakunimata stay with us
overnight because Elder Dakunimata would be leaving on Tuesday to
transfer to Port Vila.   Two perspective missionaries from Saet Siwi
stayed with us as well to fly to Port Vila with Elder Dakunimata.

Tuesday morning a truck picked us up and brought us to the airport and
they all flew to Port Vila.  Elder Godfrey's new companion was supposed to come
Tuesday afternoon and his new companion would be Elder Jensen, the
Zone Leader in Malekula.  Well, we soon learned that the flight cancelled because of the weather.
There was a tropical disturbance creating monsoonal weather and it
rained all day and it got really windy.  That didn't stop us!  We
went home and Elder Child rested because he was still feeling sick and then we
went out in the rain with Elder Godfrey and walked an hour and a
half up the road to Lounilapen where we taught Rodger and his family.
We stayed there for a couple of hours and Elder Child started to feel sick again. So we walked all the way back home and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.

Wednesday morning it was still raining, so Elder Child rested for a good part of the day.
On the sides of the road by our house rivers were running because of all
the rain!  It was pretty cool. We went out to teach in the afternoon
and we were able to teach Thomas and Tiffany. And the rest of the day
Elder Child stayed in bed.

Thursday Elder Child's stomach was really bothering him.  He also ran a
high fever and had no strength to teach so we stayed home that day.  We called a
Missionary Health Supervisor in Port Vila and she said that she would send
some De-Worming Pills.  That was our best prediction of what sickness
he had.

Friday morning a member stopped by the airport to pick up the worm
pills that  had been sent and Elder Child took one and rested again because
he was still sick.  He had to take the pills one day and then the rest
on the second day.  He took the first one and said there was a war
going on in his stomach and he still wasn't feeling better so we had
to stay home.

Saturday morning he took the rest of the pills and slowly started to
feel better.  He just didn't have enough strength to go walk around and
proselyte so we did our weekly planning and just stayed home again. I
know, three days sitting around at home is not fun.

Sunday morning Elder Child felt better.  We thought that he must have had worms then, I
don't know if he got it from eating the horse or not.  He could walk
again and we went to Church and we were only able to teach our recent
convert Royal and we taught a new family of Peter's.  We walked around
and checked all of our appointments and members, but everyone was gone for
some reason.

Well, sadly enough, that's all that happened last week, nothing very
exciting.  But Elder Child is better and we are glad to be
working again.  Well, like I always say, "All is well!"  The work is going forward, we
are surviving without the truck, and the lord is preparing the way.  Mi
lavem yufala tumas!!!


Elder Beynon

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