Monday, April 20, 2015

Family Friends from Saet Siwi

Port Vila Week 5 April 20, 2015

Halo Famle Blong Mi,

To start off, Dad, I told Sister Brewer about the new Costa Vida you opened in Brigham City and she said that it's very close to their house.  She said when she finishes she will eat there breakfast,
lunch, and dinner!  Haha, I love President and Sister Brewer, they are like a mama and papa to me here!

Well last week was .....mmm how do I put it?,...Wonderful! We had tons of time in our areas.  So basically the area we serve in and where we live is at "Namba Tu".  We also look over "Namba Tri" and another area that missionaries used to serve in called Beverly Hills.

So last week we had a family haos naet at Namba Tri with a mama named Joset and her family.  We taught them a small message about prayer and played little games afterwards. We played Chicken Pox, remember that game I told you about while I was in Tanna? Man is it a fun game to
play with these people.

Tusesday we picked up Elder Echols and Elder Aka and took them to Beverly Hills with us so Elder Echols could help us know more about the area because he's served there before.  We visited members and we received a handful of referrals and many people are ready to hear the gospel. That afternoon we shared a scripture with a recent convert name Shantel in Namba Tu and then we visited a member mama named  Edna and shared a scripture with her.  Afterwards we went to a store and I
bought a few new white shirts. President asked me to buy new ones because all my other ones have yellowed over time because I've been in the bush so long.

Wednesday morning we went to the airport so Elder Echols and Elder Aka could go to ambae to their new area.  Afterwards we had Zone Training with our Zone and It was focused on "How do I find People to Teach". We discussed all the different ways we find and how we can help investigators progress.

After the Training we went to "Sea View Takeaway" and met with one of Elder Smiler's cousins who came to Port Vila on a Cruise.  We ate chicken and fries with them and then they had to go and we went and visited Mama Edna again and then the Branch Presidency wanted us to come to a meeting with them.  they said that since the Cyclone hit, over 270 non-members have been coming to our Branch every Sunday(Branch 2).  And we made plans with them of how we can get their names and contact them and teach the people that are ready to hear the gospel.  The field is very white right now and I'm excited for the future, there will be a lot of harvesting for us to do!

Thursday morning we had Katum (my good friend from Saet Siwi) follow us for the day and teach with us as a member present.  We taught Melissa about Prophets and how we have a living prophet today, and apostles, and she was amazed by that.  (She's also getting baptized this Saturday!)
Katum needed to get something from some members of his family in Vila and we met them and they were all from Saet Siwi.  Only 1 I knew, but the others have been staying in Port Vila, I spoke to them in their language and they were very surprised of how well I knew it. I was very happy to meet more people from Saet Siwi, the people there are so charitable and so loving. 

We went to look for an investigator named Klan at Namba Tri but he wasn't there but lots of kids were so I had to do some magic tricks for them.  Afterwards we then visited former investigators in Beverly Hills and then we taught a new investigator boy name Sele.  He's 14 and very smart, and we taught him the Restoration.  He's also been coming to church the last few weeks.

Friday morning we studied and did our weekly planning (we finally have had time to do it now)  and we went to visit mama Edna in Namba Tu but she gave us a referral that we visited named Eremas and we taught her. She wanted to know about our beliefs about tithing and Baptism.  She is really interested for us to teach her again.  We also read in 3 Nephi 11 with mama Shantel when Jesus visited his sipsip (sheep) in America, great chapter, and then we visited the Tui Family, a member
family.  We shared a scripture in 3 nephi 18:18-20 that talks about prayer and we ate dinner with them.  The people are so welcoming here. No matter where you serve in Vanuatu, the people are so loving and welcoming!

Saturday we went to our Branch President's house, President Tiasanmal's house where the prospective missionaries from Tanna are staying, and we had an investigator girl namee Bella come and we taught her abourt the restoration and the Prospectives bore testimony. We then went to Beverly Hills and visited a former investigator named Gabby.  She's just waiting to get married before she gets baptized and we met her and then went to teach another investigator in Namba Tu named Vinnie.  We taught her about the Restoration as well.  We then went back to Beverly Hills and visited a former investigator named Karmelo, we talked with his family and just basically built up trust
with them before we want to teach them.

Then at the end of the afternoon we went to visit a member family from Tanna.  The mama's name was Makden, she's from Lenakel but lives in Port Vila and most of her kids were born here.  We talked with their family and they told us some stories before we shared Alma 37:36-37 to them.  They were very grateful to hear that scripture.  They made laplap and cake for us for dinner! The cake was really good too!

Yesterday we went to church with our branch.  Our Branch starts at 8am and goes until about 11am.  After sacrament meeting we went to "Investigator Class". So basically, our branch has a class
specifically for investigators interested in the church.  A member teaches it and we were there as well.   We learned about the importance about honesty and many of the investigators liked the
lesson.  Also all the auxiliary leaders got together and wrote down names of non-members who came to their classes.  At the end of church the had a nice big list of names and contact numbers of investigators that came to church.  We will have a lot more people to teach now!!!

Wednesday we plan on meeting with our branch mission leader to make plans to teach and make appointments.  We taught Melissa about Baptism and she's very excited to be baptized.  Then I went to go meet the District President's family but then we had a change of plans and had other things we had to do, if you know what I mean.

Today we had our usual office meeting and President Brewer wants me and Elder Smiler to go to Tanna with the Port Vila Zone Leaders at the beginning of May!!!  We will be organizing our house at Isangel to prepare it  for future missionaries.  President Brewer hopes to have two missionaries serve there maybe next transfer.  We will also be attending the dedication of the Whitegrass Chapel, it should have happened back in March, but it got cancelled because of the Cyclone.

There's a lot of work to be done and I'm so grateful to be serving the lord here.  I'm excited for the blessings that will be poured out to the people.  This is going to be a busy last 5 months with lots of
blessings in store.  The Church is TRUE!  I love you all and know that all is well in Vanuatu!


Elda Beynon

Doing some magic tricks for the kids

Port Vila

My new families in Port Vila

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