Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One last picture with Pres and Sister Brewer

Week 16 on Port Vila

Dear Family Blong Mi we Mi Lavem Tumas,

Things are just great here in Vanuatu, we had a good famle haos night with the Toungian famle and Tuesday we were able to see Madlene in the morning and teach her about Tithing and then we went to the mission office so 3 missionaries could get set apart, one was Elda Willie Dan Kiapen, one of my friends from Saet Siwi and they got Set apart and then me and Elder Dakunimata met with Elder Adolf Johanssen of the Seventy and made plans for President and Sister Granger's arrival on Wednesday

That afternoon we had 2 of the missionaries follow us and teach us and we went to Nambatri and we taught Maria and Penaline about Baptism and Confirmation and the importance of the ordinance. We will be baptizing them this Saturday! We also saw Moses and Norman about the Ten Commandments and we taught them 10 signs they can do to remember them and they loved it! I might have to show you when I come home, here we teach and use so many examples in our teaching because it's always more effective if we make visual example and it makes the lesson a lot more fun and the people understand the principles a lot better.

Wednesday morning we went to the airport at 5am so the 3 newly set apart missionaries could fly to the New Zealand MTC.  But Elder Kiapen's Visa was already expired so he couldn't go so he will serve here in Pango with Elder Mastin until his new Visa comes.  We washed the truck and picked up President and Sister Brewer and took them to the Mission Office so they could get a few last things done.  We updated baptism records and we stayed until the Brewers were ready to go. 

At around 2pm, they checked into the airport, an hour early actually and they said a quick goodbye and decided to go through customs and go, it was hard to see them go but it is all in the lord's plan and he knows what he's doing.  Just like it says in 1 Corinthians 1: 5-6, there are differences in administrations and diversities of operations but it is the same God which Worketh in All.  They went and then President and Sister Granger arrived and were very happy to be in

They're both from Adelaide, Australia and their daughter will be coming this week to stay with them the 3 years as well.   Well we picked them up and I drove the Grangers to the mission home where
Elder Johanssen and John Bennion gave a tour of the home and we let them get settled for awhile and that night at 6pm we wen to "Le Lagoon" with them, the Stake President Basil, and other members from the Fiji Service Center who came to prepare things for the Grangers arrival.  We all went to a buffet and had good dinner and a stringband came and played for everybody at the buffet and we had a great time! Afterwards we had the Grangers get settled so they could have a good rest after all that flying.

Thursday morning at 11:30am we brought the Grangers to the mission office so they could meet our Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and Couples etc.  We all went to a restaurant called Chills
Cafe and we bought 4 supersize pizzas and had lunch together and let the Grangers have the chance to get to know the Elders and Sisters here.  Then we got some office work done while the Grangers had some other meetings with the Fiji Service Center.   Then we took it easy that afternoon because I got a sore throat and we needed a little rest from everthing that's been going on.

Friday morning we picked up President and Sister Granger and we took them on a tour so they could see all the branches and wards in Port Vila.  We started out by driving out to see Mele Branch, it was
raining a little bit but it was a good day.  Then we stopped by Blacksands building where 2 wards will be attending in the next few weeks and they took a look inside.  Then we went all the way to Etas
Ward so they could see the building there.  After we took a detour drive to Erakor Branch.  They loved driving around and seeing the island, this is a really beautiful place!  They saw the Branch and
then we went to Nambatu where there will be 3 wards created in the
next few weeks.

Afterwards me and Elder Dakunimata had a good meeting with President Granger about the mission and we familiarized him with some of the missionaries and answered questions he had.  Then that
afternoon we dropped them off home and taught Matilyn about the Baptism interview questions and then Penaline and Maria about Prophets. They're all ready to be baptized now!

Saturday we attended a baptism for the Elders in Pango and Sister in Ohlen and President and Sister Granger came and Madlene, Maria, and Penaline all came to witness the baptisms as well!  The program finished at around 2pm and then Madlene, Maria, and Penaline were all interviewed to be baptized!  That afternoon we taught Avock and reviewed some of the commandments with him and then taught Moses and Norman about Service and they had us eat with them for dinner.  We had
rice, tuna, and pumpkin.
Sunday morning we went to Church and President and Sister Granger attended church with us in Port Vila 2nd ward and we had a good fast and testimony meeting and I sat with President to see how he was doing while listening to the lessons in the classes.  He said he's catching on and was able to find out a few definitions in the language. They'll catch along just fine!

Avock and Bella were also interviewed for baptism and so this upcoming Saturday we'll have 5 investigators baptized!  After Church we ate Lunch with Moses and Norman's family and we taught them with their parents about the importance of families and then Maria about the Priesthood.  We then visited Sele and taught him and Mimo about the 10 Commandments.

All is great here and I love President and Sister Granger. They've just come to a new country, new culture, and they will do just fine.  They are very loving and I'm excited to see the blessings that
will come while they're here and while we're with them. Mi lavem yufala evriwan!!!


Elder Beynon

Lunch with the Missionaries and The Grangers Our New Mission Pres

Teaching Maria and her family

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