Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 15 on Port Vila

Dear Family Blo Mi,

Since you last heard from mi we ended up having a famle haos naetwith Moses and Norman's family and Maria's family.  We all watched themovie of the Restoration and they loved it!  It was their first time to see a church movie and it helped them learn more about the life of Prophet Joseph Smith.  Their mother was very interested as well.  We are waiting to reel in the mama and the papa and hopefully in the future the rest of the family will be baptized.

Tuesday morning we had some work to do in the Office and we had an office meeting and that afternoon we went to Nambatri visited Avock and we taught him about the Restoration again and then we saw Moses and Norman and taught them about missionary work and then their sister
Penaline about the Restoration as well.  We also taught Maria about Tithing and she knew that it was true.  She said that many other churches did it differently and she felt that the way our church does
it is the way it should be done. That night we had time to shop so we went to the big main store called the "Au Bon Marche" to get our groceries.

Wednesday morning we washed our Toyota Hi-Lux and taught Madlene about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and comitted her to be baptized.  We hope to baptize 5 investigators next Saturday if they're ready: Avock, Penaline, Madlene, Bella, and Maria.  We also visited Avock and Rose
and they were glad to see us and we taught them about Temples and they're excited to go.  We also saw Sele and we read in the book of mormon with him to help him be more familiar with it.

Thursday morning we studied and visited a referral named Ilene who was interested in hearing the Gospel.  She's Catholic and she wanted to learn more about the church and we taught her about the Book of Mormon and Restoration and at the end we asked her if she had any questions and she had none.  She just knew it was all true!   We then went to the office because some members from Fiji came to do an Audit with us at the mission office.  They checked our vehicles and records at the office so we can prepare for President Granger's arrival.  We stayed about the whole day, oh and they bought us some pizza that really hit the spot!  It was the best pizza i've had in Vanuatu!

That night we read in 1 Nephi with Moses and Norman so they could start reading on their own and they just love having us over.  Then we went to the airport where we picked up Elder Child and his companion Elder Oten.  Elder Child had lots of open sores on his legs and hands that weren't healing so mission president had him come so he could have a doctor look at them and let him recover before he goes back this week. To think of it, I got lots of sores on my legs while I was Gaua last year, they took forever to heal but with help of the oils and Penacilin I got better.

Friday was our day to do our weekly planning and we taught Edmas a small message about obedience before we went to pick up Willie Dan, a friend from Saet Siwi who will be flying to the MTC on Wednesday and go serve in Guam.  Then we went and taught Maria about The Word of Wisdom and Penaline about the Word of Wisdom as well before going back to the airport to pick up 3 prospectives from Malekula who will be serving this week.  We then taught Bella about Prophets and we stayed
at President Tiasanmal's for the night.

Saturday we did our studies and we visited a member papa named Mahit Lui and we shared a scripture in Alma relating to Prayer.  Then we taught Madlene about Chastity and played with the kids and we did some magic at Sea Side.  All of our other appointments we visited cancelled.  So we went to see the Vanva Family and we talked with them, played with their kids and shared a scripture before we went home.

Yesterday at church we met as a branch because we're still waiting for the Stake Presidency to appoint Bishops and new Branch Presidents.  So here in Efate there will be 6 wards and 3 branches.
We will have 3 wards meet at the Nambatu chapel. Well After Church we taught Moses and Norman about "Loa Blong Livim Kakae" (Fasting) because Fast Sunday is coming up and then we visited Elorine and taught her about it as well.  We then went to the airport to pick up President and Sister Brewer, arriving from Malekula, just after a District Conference.  We picked them up and brought them to the mission office. (their vehicle is being serviced).  And then we ate at President Tiasanmal's and taught Bella about Chastity before we went to Nambatri and taught Maria and their family about the Sabbath and then Penaline about Chastity.  We were able to get a lot of teaching done last week.

There's a lot of work to be done.  President and Sister Brewer will be flying home on Wednesday and President Granger will be arriving.  Tomorrow we hope to meet with President Johanssen to plan
out the arrival of our new mission president!  It will be a good change for the mission, the lord knows what he's doing, and it's his work and it will continue to grow and move forward.  I'm so grateful
to be a part of this work!  Mi lavem yufala evriwan.


Elder Beynon

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  1. Elder Beynon is such an awesome Missionary. I was able to attend the Baptism this afternoon (11 Jul 2015) And witness him doing his Priesthood duties. I would like to echo his comments about missing President and Sister Brewer and have enjoyed getting to meet President and Sister Granger. Elder Stoddard and I enjoyed the time we spent getting to know them at the pizza luncheon at Chills, the baptisms, and in the office. Elder Beynon it was fun realizing you and I are distant cousins!