Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grillin' and Chillin'

Week 21 Port Vila

Dear Famle Blong Mi,

     Last week after we got back from Tanna we had a couple more meetings about transfers and We were busy getting ready tickets and getting work done in the office.  We did however contact and teach 4 new investigators.  A couple named Alec and Kristel,  and 2 sisters from Malekula named Ivana and Emma.  We were able to Last Friday we had 9 missionaries from the outer islands fly to Port Vila because they were finishing their missions.  I picked up a lot of them in the bus we have here that sits 12 people, it's quite fun to drive!  We were running back and forth from the airport all day rounding up the missionaries.
     Saturday morning we had a zone baptism where 11 investigators in our zone were baptized, none were ours though.  We then and visited Avock and Elorine.  Then we went to the mission around 3pm to help President and Sister Granger prepare for a last dinner and program for all the missionaries who are leaving.  There's 16 total.  Sister Granger put me and Elder Dakunimata to work and we turned on 2 barbeques and we cooked up burgers, sausages, and stirfry steak.  We cook a TON of meat for everybody and had burgers for dinner and cake and cookies for dessert.  Then we had a testimony meeting for the missionaries and brought all the missionaries back to their houses and
piled up in the bus to bring them home.
     Sunday we went to church and we were able to teach Alec and Kristel about the Plan of Salvation, and we also taught Sele about the Millenium and we also taught Ivana and Emma about the Plan of
Salvation.  We taught Moses and Norman about the importance of the Atonement and how Jesus suffered for our sins.  We got a lot of teaching done that day.
     Monday morning we rounded up all the missionaries and took them to get their things quarantined an we had our office meeting and that afternoon we checked in 11 missionaries to go back home and we barely got them through and 3 new missionaries arrived.  It was a very busy day.  Elder Esplin from Orderville Utah returned, and Even Elder Child,  he plans on going to SUU in a few weeks so keep an eye out for him.
     Tuesday morning we did our laundry and then went to the airport where we picked up 8 new missionaries.  Many from Micronesia, Kiribus, and the U.S.  We rounded them up in the bus and took them to the mission office so they could go to the bank and open up ATM accounts and then I dropped them off to their areas before picking up Sister Wamura to check her in so she could fly back to P.N.G.  Elder Willoughby also arrived from Solomon Islands, and a return missionary named Elder Nalawas returned from his mission so we took him to the office to get released and dropped him off with his family.
     Wednesday morning we checked in Elder Kiapen in the airport at 5am and then we went to district meeting, and then to the office where we updated our baptism records and then at 3pm we picked up all 11 new missionaries and took them to the mission home where we had an orientation with them and dinner with them.  Afterwards we sand hymns together and a sister brought her ukulele and we played hymns and sang together.
     This morning an Elder flew to Santo at 5am along with 2 new sisters serving in Malekula.  We then picked up Elder Nalawas and came back so he could fly back home to Tanna.  We went and taught Alec and Kristel about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then picked up 3 other sisters who were flying to Santo.  They flew and we got some work done in the office and then we saw Avock and taught him about service and Ivana about the Spirit world and life after this life.  Well honestly
this week has been busy and hectic, just like every transfer, except this one is big!!!  Most of it's done, tomorrow, two sisters will checkin at 4:30am to fly to New Caledonia and 3 other missionaries
will fly back home.  All is well and we are working hard. Mi lavem yufala!


Elder Beynon
Cooking with my Companion

Driving the Party Bus

The group of "new" missionaries

Smith's new Ukulele/Mandolin

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