Thursday, August 20, 2015

Preaching the Gospel of Repentance
Week 22 on Port Vila

Dear Family,

    It hasn't been too long since you heard me but the rest of last week went well.  Friday morning at 4:30am we checked in 2 sisters in the airport to fly to New Caledonia. Then we rested, studied, and went back to the airport from 11am to 1pm for another Elder to fly back home, and we went to the office and also checked in an elder and sister at 3pm to fly back to Tonga, then we visited Moses and Norman, and Maria.  We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of Faith, Repentance, and Enduring to the End.

     Saturday President wanted us to take it easy for the day and it was also the P-Day for Elder Jones and his new companion Elder Christensen.  So we made plans with them to drive to "Snake Hill" and
take some pictures of the cool view up there and we had some fun with it.  We also walked along the road to see "Cascade Falls," a tourist attraction but it wasn't very cool at all, the pictures up Snake Hill was though.  We hung out and went to a place called Tina's for lunch and I got a burger for lunch and then in the afternoon at around 4pm we visited a part member family  named kasti and taught them and some kids about the restoration.  Then we taught Donovan about the Sabbath. We hope to Baptize him on August 29th.  We then had dinner that night with President Tiasinmal.

    Sunday we partook of the sacrament and checked in an Elder who will be serving in the Solomon Islands.  After we flew we went back to church and taught Alec and Kristel about Chastity and we hope to help them get married so they can get baptized.  It sounds like they really want to so we hope to work with President Tiasinmal or possibly the new bishop so we can get them married. We also taught Donovan again about tithing and then we visited Gabbie and shared a scripture with her.  We stopped to see Sele and Mimo and taught them about Callings in the church and they're so awesome.  Oh and Sele was ordained a Teacher so he will be able to prepare the sacrament next week.  Oh and
Moses and Norman received the Aaronic Priesthood and they're both already passing the sacrament.  They are awesome!  After teaching Sele, we saw Emma and Ivana and taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to be baptized on September 5th.  So we hope to prepare them for that date.

     And today we studied, did our shopping, and we picked up Elder Sam Matua and did some shopping with him because he will be flying to the U.S.A. to the MTC and he'll serve in the Phillipines.  We had our office meeting at 1pm and at 3pm we checked in Elder Matua so he could
fly, and then we went back to the office to meet with President Granger about Zone Conference in New Caledonia.  We will be going there this Friday and coming back next Monday.  Learn some more French I guess.  It will be fun!  After meeting with President we went to mama Edna Busai's house and had a family haos naet with her family, willie, kevin, christoph, and a few others.  It was fun, we hope to visit members more often to get referrals.
  Well everything is fine, we're working hard and playing hard and everything is just great here in the islands!  I'm only down to about 2 more months now :) .... :(   Mi lavem yufala Evriwan!

Love, Elda Beynon
Famle Hous Naet with Busai Family

Up Snake Hill

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