Monday, October 19, 2015

Alick and Christelle's Marriage

Port Vila Week 31

Hello Famle blong mi,

     I think this will be my last email to you because I return in 3 days!  All has been great, I got to stay in my area all week last week and I was able to visit many families.  We were able to see Jimmy and Dora again last Tuesday and we taught them about the book of mormon before getting some work done in the office.  We also visited Maria and their family and we taught Moses and Norman about "stap strong kasem en" (enduring to the end).

     Wednesday we had our District Meeting and afterwards had a long Office Meeting before seeing Marie and Edmond.  We taught them about Eternal Marriage, we hope that they will get married and eventually get baptized.  We also taught Alick and Christelle and we taught them about baptism and confirmation, and they were very excited to get baptized!

     Thursday we did some work in the office and had a long transfer meeting with president granger deciding who will serve where when Elder Killpack and I go.  The meeting got done late in the afternoon and we checked up on some appointments but they cancelled.

     Friday we did an exchange with the Zone Leaders and Elder Tupou came with me and we were able to see Edmas and we taught her about prophets, since general conference just passed, and then we saw Avock and taught him about missionary work and then we went to the church house that night for the marriage of Alick and Christelle.  They had lots of their family come to witness it and it was a great experience. Alick asked me to be his witness so I was his witness which was cool. Afterwards they went back and spent time with their family and we went to Tina and Willie's house to have a small family home evening with them.  We ended our exchange and did another exchange with the elders in Pango and an Elder Named Elder Jeffries came with me.  He's from Tucson Arizona. 
    Saturday we went to a few appointments that cancelled and then went to the church house where Ward 3 had a baptism program for Ivana, the Elders in Beverly Hills went ahead and worked with her so now she's baptized!  And then our ward, Ward 2 did a program for Alick and Christelle.  They were so happy to be baptized, we could see a good change in them! That afternoon we went to Moses and Normans and taught them about Prayer and we had one last dinner together and they said
goodbye and the mama cried and said thank you and we were all a little touched.  They gave me a couple tee-shirts and a few little presents, they're such a loving family, I'm gonna miss them.
We ended our exchange that night.

     Sunday we went to church and Bishop Tiasinmal asked us to speak about missionary work and he asked me to bear my last testimony.  I gave a decent talk I think and got to the end of my testimony and then it hit me.  I cried my eyes out and thanked the people for everything they've given and done for me, I don't think I've cried so hard during my testimony, I cried almost as hard as when I left, boy it's going to be hard leaving these wonderful people.  After the talk the congregation sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" (of course) and we all sang it with power and I held in the tears until the last verse where it says "Till we meet at Jesus" Feet" and the spirit touched me and reminded me that many of these people, whether I see them again or not in this life, we will see each other when we see our lord and bow down at his feet.  When I saw that verse, I cried again and hugged the Bishopric afterwards.  It was a very spiritual moment for me. 
    Then we had all of our classes afterwards and we taught Alick and Christelle about enduring to the end afterwards, and then taught Madlene's brother Jonothan who's been coming to church about the restoration. We also saw Marie and Edmond that day and taught them about Prayer and then we went to Beverly Hills where the Vanva Family invited me over. It was Claude's birthday and I brought him a cake I made and sang happy birthday to him and we ate dinner together and they gave me a present and put on a grass skirt to wear and they thanked me for all that I'd done for them.  I love that family, always loved visiting with them.

     Well today was P-Day, I did my last batch of laundry out in the mission field and I organized my things because I'm starting to prepare and pack up my stuff.  We had one last lunch with the Bishop
today and also shared a scripture with Edmas who gave me a present to take home, and also a present for you mom!  We did some work in the office as well and then we had one last family haos naet with the Sovuai family and came here to email.

     Well tomorrow I will quarantine some of the things I will be bringing home, and at 1pm we have our office meeting and at 4pm we have our last interviews with President Granger and at 6pm we will
have dinner with the Grangers at the Golden Port.  And Wednesday (here) I will fly back home.  It's gonna be hard to leave, but I can't wait to see you all!!!  I'm ready to come home now.  I've said my
goodbyes and my work here is done, now it's time to continue on with the work where I live and prepare for the future.  Take care and I love you all so much, I'll see you all back in the states!.


Elder Beynon
Alick and Christelle's Baptism

Me and the Vanva family and my custom grass skirt

Family Hous Naet with the Sovuai Family

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  1. What a great missionary Smith has been! As a parent, there is probably nothing that could make you happier!