Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A restaurant we eat steak at every week

Week 7 on Uripiv June 22, 2014

Dear Family,

I do admit I am very jealous of all the pictures you sent of the vacation.  I think it's because I love the mountains and forests.  But I haven't worried about the vacation at all.  I wish I could be there
but one day I will be able to go.  Thanks for sending the pictures you sent.

This week was good.  I opened my package and was so happy to see what was inside!  Tank yu tumas from ol Pokemon Cards, Magic Cards, Kool-Aid, Ties, and Candy. Taem mi openemap package blo mi, mi harem se mi wan hapi misinari!

Tuesdays we are able to do laundry and rest until 3pm so I was able to open all of my cards and make decks and see how they play.  That afternoon our investigators were gone so we just contacted a few people to teach.  Wednesday was good, we were able to teach a couple investigators and
help a few less actives and it really went well.  We were also able to make a baptism date for one of our investigators.  We will most likely baptize him in the next few weeks when we make sure he's ready. 

Thursday we did our personal and companion study and before we went out to teach I asked Elda Takaro if he wanted to learn how to play pokemon.  I taught him and helped him out and he ended up beating me!  Well I went easy on him though.  It was a little hard for him to understand he thought it was fun. 

Friday we were only able to teach one lesson but it's alright.  One of the reason's why it's slow here is because whenever a ship comes in everybody goes to Lakatoro to help unload and put bags of Kobra on it and everybody is busy.  Also there's another small island about a quarter mile west of Uripiv where people have gardens to go to and they get their firewood and things to make houses with there. So many times people are there.  But I still like it here, the members are great and the people are nice. 

Saturday we taught only 1 lesson and on Sunday we went to church and after it was finished we taught a less active member and then went to a priesthood meeting to talk about home teaching.  We hope that home teaching will really help the missionary work here.  Then that night we went to a member's house for dinner and they were watching "Over the Top" on their laptop.  The people here love Sylvester Stallone and they always call him "Rambo".  The movie made me think of the time I
went to Uncle Marty's house to watch it for the first time, and you enjoy Cat Stevens music in the background (it is cat stevens right?).  What a funny movie. 

This morning we came to Lakatoro for district meeting and after the meeting we went to a restaurant to eat some steak and rice. I pulled out my Pokemon Cards and all the elders started to play. Most
of them didn't know how to play but they caught on quick and we had many battles while waiting for our food.  We had a blast! and they all want pokemon battle decks too!  Elder Ross is coming on an exchange with me to Uripiv so that will be fun.  And on Thursday we will have Zone Conference here which will be fun.

Well just know that all is well and I am having lots of fun here and I know the work will continue to improve.  I'm glad you all had fun on your vacation and don't worry about me, I didn't worry about the vacation at all and my mind is centered on the work. Mi lavem yufala evriwan mo bae yufala harem mi bakegen next week.


Elder Beynon

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