Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The other side of the island

Week 6 on Uripiv June 15th, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a little slow but it was better than last week.  We were able to make many contacts and help some less active members.  Not too much was exciting until Saturday.  Saturday we held a branch activity and we did lots of fun things to have some laughs and bring everyone together. 
First we had a Gatto eating race.  Gatto is fried flour that is round like a doughnut that tastes like scones and the people make them here.  We hung them on a big line and kids and parents had to try to eat the hanging gatto without using their hands.  They thought it was very fun. 
Then we had a biscuit eating race.(they call cookies biscuits here).  We had about 40 people participate and sit in a chair and we put a biscuit on their foreheads and they had to use their face muscles to try and move the biscuit in their mouth.  It was hysterical!  It brought back many memories of our family reunions.  
After the biscuit race we had a relay race. We organized everyone into 4 groups and set up four buckets about 20 feet away.  2 people from each group had to link arms and stand back to back and we put a water balloon in between their backs. (Yeah, I found water balloons here). They had to work together to walk over the buckets and drop the balloon inside.  The kids thought it was such a fun activity! 
Then after all the races we played volleyball, then went back home to bathe and change and that night we met in the church and me and Elder Takaro taught about missionary work.  The lesson went really well and we hope they all will be able to help us here. We ate rice and soup that the mamas made which was very good.  I love the food the mamas cook here.

Sunday we went to church and many investigators came and me and Takaro taught about The Sacrament during sacrament meeting. Then after church we taught a lesson and then had branch council meeting.  I haven't been to one of those meetings during my mission.  It was really good and we hope that we will be able to strengthen our branch.

Well that's just about all that happened this week. Sorry this email is short,  I'm very short on time. Just know that I love you all and everything is great here. I hope the family vacation will be lots of fun and enjoy the national parks while I go sit and relax on the beach.
I love you!
Love, Elda Beynon
The Sunsets here

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