Sunday, June 29, 2014

Me on my island

Week 8 on Uripiv June 29th, 2014

Dear Family,

This week turned out to be good.  Elder Ross came to Uripiv with me while my companion went to Louni.  We went to "Famle Haos Naet" at the branch and quite a few members came which was good. That night me and Elder Ross played some pokemon. Tuesday morning I woke up and the first thing Elder Ross said to me was "do you want to teach me how to play magic?  I was happy to teach
him.  We played a little and then did some laundry and we had until 3pm when we have to go out and teach so we played countless games of magic!  He's hooked now, he loves the game, we will most likely play again after our mission.  We were able to teach one of our investigators that afternoon and then that night we played more magic and pokemon before bed. 

Wednesday many people were gone so we were only able to teach one lesson but we were out and about which is good.  That night we went to a store that had an ice box and we bought a pound of chicken wings, flour, and eggs.  We went home and I mixed flour, red pepper, curry powder, and salt to bread the chicken wings.  I dipped the wings in the egg and the flour and did it again to make a nice thick crust.  And then we fried them and made some rice.  I have to admit that it came out sooooo good!  Even better than the ones I made in Tanna.

Then Thursday Morning a boat took us to Lakatoro and we hitched a ride on a truck to take us about 2 or 3 miles north to a place called Norosup(where the airport is).  We held our conference in a beautiful bush church house and the conference was amazing!!!  I love the mission president and I was able to learn a lot from him and his wife. I learned many other ways to help my area. We then walked to a restaurant close by and ate rice, chicken, beef, laplap and the food was awesome!  I was very satisfied.  I wish I could send some pictures but my USB-SD card reader broke so I can't copy any pictures to my hard drive until I get another one.  I emailed some other photos from a few weeks ago and that's why you are still recieving pictures. 

Friday we went out to teach and we were able to teach a couple lessons which was good and we were able to contact a papa which was good. Then that afternoon we played soccer.  The people here are really good at soccer and they love the fact that the World Cup is going on.  Most of
the people here root for Brazil. I think my favorites are:(even though I don't know much about soccer) U.S.A, Mexico, and Brazil.
Saturday a ship came so everyone was gone again so we just talked and contacted people that were there and then we played soccer again that afternoon.  I'm not very good but I've really come to like soccer.  I have a lot of fun playing with the people, many kids play too. 

Sunday I taught combined relief society and Elders Quorum about Family Organization and ways the members can help their families endure to the end. Then I taught Sunday School and we read in 1 Samuel 17 and talked about David and Goliath. I think the lesson turned out really well.  We also had an investigator with a friend come to church and in about two weeks if the investigator is ready we will be able to baptize him!

Today we had our usual district meeting and went to our usual restaurant to eat steak and we played magic and pokemon while we waited for our food.  The Magic and Pokemon cards was a very good idea, thanks for sending them. Well just know that everything is good here.  We are trying our best to help our area because it can use our help and now we have many ideas to improve it and I love it here and am glad to be serving Papa God on this little Island.

Mi lavem yufala evriwan mo yufala i stap lo ol prea blo mi.  Ale, nekis wik wan taem.

Elda Beynon

Another beautiful sunset here

Us doing Famle Hoas Naet (Family Home Evening)
Gatto eating race that we had at the branch

One of the relay races we had at our activity

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