Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The tree we crashed into last week
Week 5 on Tanna November 4, 2014
Dia ol Famle blo mi we mi lavem tumas!
Not too much happened this week compared to last.  But since you last heard me, last monday night we went to the District Clerk's house. His name is Daniel.  His wife Julie and her niece named Linda is an investigator of ours.  Daniel set up a projector so we could watch the Restoration for Famle Haos Night.  It was really cool and I love that movie, the church is true!!!

Tuesday we drove to Karimasanga and taught Henry's family about the saving ordinances in the church and set a baptism date for him and his family on Nov.15th!  They're a family of 6 and 5 will be baptized!  The sixth born is too young to be baptized.  So the next few weeks are gonna be awesome!  We then drove to Greenpoint and walked up the side of a steep hill to the Village of Miraweng.  Before walking up you see trees and bush and when you get up their you're really surprised to see people and houses up there.  The people really know how to live and survive in the bush.  It's way cool.  Up there I put on a magic card show and many people came to see my magic tricks and it brought many members, less actives, and non-members together.  After the magic tricks we taught them all about enduring to the end and how it's so important for us to read the scriptures, pray, and go to church.  The people loved it and glad to have us teach them.  Then it started to rain so we had to get out of there fast because the roads wouldn't be good. 
On our way back we saw a crab crossing the road, decent size, and I got out and picked it up and I asked Elder Child, what do you want to do with it? Eat it? Then he said "no, let's put it on the windshield and see  how long it stays on.  This crab was strong and we put it on the windshield and it hung on for quite a few miles!  It would hang on to the windshield wipers and we would turn them on and the crab would be pushed over the edge but would somehow be able to catch itself and hang on!!! It was a random thing that we did but it was pretty funny I think!

Wednesday a man named John Bennion was flying to Tanna with 2 other people.  John looks over the church houses here and they all came so they could work on some things at the whitegrass church house and a missionary house.  So that morning we went straight to the airport and picked them up and the first thing he said is "Elders, are you Hungry?  Let's go to Evergreen Resort." So we drove to a tourist resort called Evergreen Green resort which is right by the airport.  We got their and went to the restaurant there and John ordered everybody eggs and bacon.  I noticed that I haven't had bacon since the MTC and it was sooo good! 
Then we drove to whitegrass and we helped them work a little on the house.  Then that afternoon they needed to go back to the airport and we also had to check in some sisters who were being transferred.  Then after we checked in,  we had some time to kill and John said "let's go to Evergreen agian".  So we went there and he bought us their homemade ice cream and cake.  The ice cream was Vanilla Bean and it was really good, I could totally tell that it was homemade.  So we had a good dessert before John left.  There was some good food there. Then we taught our investigator Linda about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized!  She gladly accepted and now we hope to have 6 baptisms by the end of this month.

Thursday we went to Ianapkasu and and walked up the hill that we slid down (we won't drive up or down that hill anymore). We got up there and played with many of the kids and then we taught them about the story of Nephi and his brothers, and how they sailed to America.  Then we walked up to a village nearby called "Ietufun."  There we taught some members about how the book of mormon came about and when Joseph Smith translated the plates.  
Then we went back home a little early to do weekly planning.  We ate good that night though.  Me and Elder Child eat good here, the best I've eaten on my mission.  We fried up some steak and I boiled Kumala(which is like a sweet potato) and I made some mashed Kumala and Gravy.  It turned out way good!

Friday (Halloween), we stayed in Lenakel and decided to walk around instead of driving the truck.  It was good so we could shake hands and talk with people.  We walked across town to a member's house and we read in 1 Nephi 1 with her and helped her know more about Nephi and his family. Then we walked to our recent convert Royal's house.  On our way there was a teenage boy walking by and he saw us and told us "Elders, I want to join your church but I don't know how".  We talked with him for a few minutes and set up an appointment and gave him a restoration pamphlet to read.  It's amazing how the lord prepares people and puts them in our path to teach. 
We then taught Royal about the Plan of Salvation to make sure he knows heavenly father's plan really well.  He's so awesome and he sets a good example for his friends.  After seeing Royal, we went to a perspective missionary's house.  Her name is Belinda and her and her family invited us to come over.  And since it was halloween we decided to watch a scary movie! Just Kidding, we decided to watch 17 Miracles with this family to help them know about the early years in the church and how the Pioneers faith was so strong that they gave up all they had to go to Zion and go to the temple.

Saturday we drove to Karimasanga and we got to the base of the road to drive up to Henry's house.  For some reason another truck was parked in the middle of  road and it was raining and we decided to drive around the truck.  We started driving around it and almost made it but since the road was wet we couldn't go higher.  So we backed up a little but since we were on the side of the road and there was old deep tire tracks that our wheels were in so we went back and got high centered!  About 20 feet away from where we got stuck a few weeks ago!  Good thing I put a shovel in the back of the truck to prepare for these situations.  We were high-centered for about only a half an hour before we got out and then we just decided to walk up to Henry's house.  We were soaked because of the rain but that didn't stop us.  Nothing can stop me and Elder Child! 
We got up there in about 45 minutes and reviewed the baptism interview questions with his family and we just talked there awhile and then on our way back down a guy named Sam asked about our church and we set up an appointment with him.  Another man was placed in our path.  Then we taught a less active member about the priesthood before we went back to Lenakel. 

Sunday we wanted to go to Ianapkasu for church.  The Church house was finished so we went up there.  It rained alot saturday night so the roads were very slick again so we had to park the truck way down.  Then we walked 45 minutes up to Ianapkasu.  The church house is beautiful and many members came to church.  They used to place mats in a small kitchen and worship but now there's a bush house that we worship in.  They put in mats for everyone to sit down.  We taught the kids during sunday school about the story of Nephi and the Prophet Mormon and how he abridged the records.  During Sacrament meeting I had the Priviledge to give a baby blessing to a 2 week year old baby! Then it was testimony meeting and we bore our testimonies and taught a new investigator named Elina about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Then we had to walk all the way down to the truck and we drove to Lenakel to teach.  We shared a scripture with a member before going to see royal again.  After teaching him, we received a call from the Greenpoint Branch President's son asking us to come to the hospital to give a blessing.  We went there and there was a baby named Moroni that had respiratory problems so we went and gave a blessing.  I think the baby's doing better now. 

Well know that all is well, I'm glad that Halloween was fun and know that Everything is great here!  I love serving the lord and living among these people. I love you all so much and you're in my prayers!
Elder Beynon

Me and the kids at Inapkasu (man bush)

The church house we helped build in Inapkasu

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