Monday, February 9, 2015

Playing volleyball in Lofetum
 Week 19 on Tanna Sunday February 8, 2015

Dia famle blong mi,

Well you all know that i've been walking alot but the truck should be coming back next week!
Last Tuesday morning we had a transport bring us to the airport where we checked in 3 perspective missionaries that would be going to Vila and come back.

After they flew, 1 perspective missionary from saet siwi came back from Vila and also a  returned missionary named Sister Komra from Greenpoint arrived back from her mission in Guam.  We had a truck bring us, Sister Komra, and some of her family back to Greenpoint and we went there and carried her luggage over our heads while we walked up the side of the cliff to Miraweng to her family's house.  We stayed awhile and then taught Sister Komra's aunt named Dora about baptism.
Apparenty Dora was already baptized but there's no record in the church of her baptism or her being married.  So we are trying to set up a time for her to be married and baptized again.

Then we passed by Ikahkahak and ate with President Isaac's family.  Then we had to walk
back, we walked about a 1/3 of the way before a truck came and helped us out.

Wednesday morning we went to Whitesands for District meeting and then went on an exchange.  This time Elder Child went there and Good ol Elder Jensen came with me.  We came to Lenakel and we had many appointments that we walked to that all cancelled.  But we did have the chance to teach our recent convert royal.

Thursday me and Elder Jensen walked all the way through the bush to Inapkasu.  We went there but most of the people we planned on looking for were gone.  We went to a less active member's house named Joy and we taught him and his wife as well as a lot of kids there about the Restoration. During the lesson people from around came and sat down and listened to the lesson.  When we got done there were about 20 people there.  I love how the message of the restoration just brings people together and blesses families! When we got done there we decided to walk to the village Ietafum and we played volleyball with the people there and had some fun but then we had to go back.  We shared a scripture with Elina and we hurried and walked to Lenakel because we had an appointment with a potential investigator family.

We came to their house and let them know our purpose as missionaries and what we do and we taught them how the gospel blesses families. They were all interested and we set up another appointment with them, so we have a new family to teach! We went home  and I made chimmy changa's for the night.

Friday morning Elder Child and Elder Godfrey came back and we ended our exchange and we did our weekly planning.  Then a transport picked us up to go to the airport to have a perspective sister missionary go on a mission to the country of "Kilipus".  And then the AP's arrived to exchange with us.  We exchanged and Elder Petty went with Elder Child and the new AP from New Zealand Elder Smiler came with me and we taught Thomas about the Plan of Salvation.  Then it got late and we
made tons of Chimmy Changas for dinner, the AP's loved it!

Saturday morning the Mission President came and we picked him up in the morning and we went to the Whitegrass chapel for our MLC meeting. It was really cool!  So as I told you before, Port Vila district will become a Stake, and it will all happen in April! We will be flying to Port Vila for a couple days when it happens.  It's going to be a huge change for Vanuatu.  This mission is amazing!  The church is growing so fast!  As a missionary you can see the savior's hands leading his church. It's amazing to see what the savior is doing in these islands!

Well after our MLC we met with the District President and afterwards we dropped the AP's at the airport and dropped off mission president and went home for the night.

Sunday morning we picked up the president again and he came to church with us in Lenakel.  He taught Sunday School and during Sacrament meeting and told many amazing stories. After church we waited for president to finish with his interviews and we dropped him off and we we met with our group leader Nos.  Then we checked a few appointments that cancelled and we went and taught
tiffany how the bible and book of mormon together.

We now hope to try to find more people to teach because many appointments have cancelled and we teach most of the same people. So we pray that the lord will put people in our footsteps as we walk
where the spirit leads us. I'm doing great and happy to be here and Mi lavem Yufala Bigwan!


Elder Beynon

The beautiful view walking back from greenpoint

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