Monday, February 23, 2015

Family Home Evening at Ken's house
Monday February 23. 2015

Week 21 on Tanna

Dia Famle Blong Mi,

So last week when you last heard me we went to Tiffany and Ken's house for Family Haos Naet.  We taught them how to make Chimmy Changas and we fried up over 20 of em!  They were dang good!  We boiled baked beans and fried up Mince Meat (Ground Beef) and I made some tortilla dough and we fried a ton! It was a lot of Fun.

Tuesday we had a change of plans again, we were supposed to go to Greenpoint but a perspective missionary and 2 other members needed to fly to Port Vila. We had no money to pay for transports so we decided to walk there.  We walked North on the road and stopped in Lokueria on the way and we taught chief Joe and and Joses about the Sabbath day.

We hope to baptize Joses in a few weeks.  Then we walked most of the way there and a truck helped us out and brought us to the airport. We checked everybody in and then we walked back and another truck stopped and brought us back home.

Wednesday we stayed in Lenakel and we had many appointments cancel for some reason and we taught a former investigator named Tupusi about the Restoration.  His son is getting ready to serve a mission but his father isn't a member yet, we hope to help him get baptized before his son leaves.  During the afternoon we went to Mama Rabi's house and talked with their family and ate gato and drank lemon tea with them. Thursday we walked on our way to Inapkasu but on the way Elder Child
started throwing up for some reason, he felt fine though.  And I forgot to mention, it was DANG HOT!!!

We walked to a village called "Lanluel" and taught a new investigator mama named Mary and her son Peter.  While I was on my exchange with Elder Jensen a few weeks ago, this mama stopped us and said "what time are you coming to see us" so we decided to go see her and they knew everything was true.  There was no questions and she knew it was all true.  Well afterwards we decided since our time was short and it was so hot and Elder Child was throwing up that dehydration would be dangerous and that Inapkasu wouldn't be a good idea for the day.  So we went back home and did our
weekly planning and then we went to teach Henry Yoyo's family but the parents were gone but his boys Roy and Tuga was so we taught them about prayer.

Friday we went to Whitesands for District Meeting and then stayed in Lenakel  and waited for reimbursements to come to pay our transport driver.  We waited a couple hours down by the ocean and talked with some people before we checked the bank again, but the money didn't come.

So as a zone leader we have to buy things for housing for the missionaries and since we have no truck we have to pay lots of transports. And we get reimbursed but only when the mission office receives the receipts we send through the airport.  So sometimes we run low on money because we don't get the chance to send the receipts. And sometimes the mission office receives receipts but it takes time
to process the reimbursements and it takes a few days to come in our accounts. So there have been a few times that we've run out of food but the families here are so nice and feed us wherever we go so we haven't gone too hungy.

Well friday afternoon we saw Rodger and their family and taught them about repentence. They're doing good, such a great family to be around.

Saturday morning we walked all the way to greenpoint (with the help of a truck) and we went to the branch president's house and they fed us some pig and boiled bananas for lunch.  Then for about 4 hours we helped organize church records and organize the branch to help the Branch President out.

Then a truck brought us back to Lenakel and we went home to get the news of Transfers. The AP's called and many missionaries are transferring.  We found out that Elder Child will transfer to Kaska, Gaua!, my old area.  We were sad to hear that he's transferring though.  Me and him get along really well.  We totally plan on hanging out after our mission.  He plans on going to SUU

My new companion is Elder Pearce from New Zealand.  He's coming this afternoon.  I'm excited to see him.  He was a Zone Leader in the Solomon Islands and just got transferred to come serve with me. I'm excited.

All is going well and know I'm happy.  We will still be walking for a few weeks until the truck comes and when it comes, I will be driving it!!! I'm so excited!!!, I haven't driven for a year and a half.
Mi lavem yufala bigwan!


Elder Beynon
Me and my Comp at Greenpoint

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