Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 18 on Tanna February 1, 2015

Dear ol famle blong mi,

Last monday afternoon we walked all the way up to lounilapen to rodger's house and had a family home evening there.  It was their first time having one so we helped papa rodger know how to do it so he can do it with his family in the future.

Tuesday, we walked all the way to greenpoint.  We went to Miraweng and it started raining and we taught a family about the word of wisdom. Then it rained even harder and we walked back and taught an investigator mama named Ellan about the plan of Salvation.  Then we walked all the way back to Lenakel.  It takes about 4- 4 1/2 hours to walk there and it's about a 10 mile walk there, so we walked a total of about 20 miles for the day!  When we got home it was dark and we were tired and hurried and made dinner and went to sleep.

Wednesday we woke up and our bodies were pretty tired.  We studied and then walked all the way to Lokueria which took an hour and a half and then we taught Joe and Joses about "Loa blong Jastiti" (the law of chastity). We stayed awhile and then walked back and then all of our appointments cancelled and we were still pretty tired from the walk from the day before and so we went home a little early so we could get a good sleep to have enough energy to go to inapkasu on thursday.

So we woke up on Thursday and walked through the bush again all the way up to inapkasu.  On our  way we crossed one of the rivers and saw a less active member named Joy. He and his kids were doing laundry by washing all their clothes and bedding in the river (that's how they wash here in the bush).  We taught them a small message about faith and invited them to come to church and then we taught a couple recent converts about the book of mormon.  Then afterwards we taught Elina about the plan of salvation.  We were up there for about 3 hours before we had to walk all the way back to Lenakel.  We had an appointment set at 6:30 but it cancelled so we went home for the night.

Friday we stayed in Lenakel and saw a perspective missionary and his family and taught his father about laws and customs of this world and of heavenly father.  Then we checked by the house and the power was out for some reason.  That is a bad thing.  That house is hot, and we have little fans but there was no power for them to stay on.  We walked up to our Unit Leader's house and met with him and then we decided to go to a resort close to our house called "Tanna Lodge".  We checked to see if it had a restaurant and to our surprise it did.  So my companion ordered chicken fedichini and I ordered fish and chips. It came with a little salad and ranch dressing.  While I was eating the ranch was amazing and it dawned on me that I haven't had ranch dressing since the MTC! It was very good.  We went back to the house and then watched "Singles Ward" on our portable DVD player before trying to sleep in the hot house.

Saturday we woke up and our bodies were very tired, it was soooooo hot the night before, we didn't get much sleep at all, I don't know how I used to deal with it in Gaua, but I couldn't deal with the heat in our house here. We pushed ourselves and went out, we  had originally planned on going up to Karimasanga and then up to greenpoint but we knew we were too tired so we decided to just go to Karimasanga.  We walked all the way there and saw Henry's family and we taught them about the word of wisdom and reviewed the lesson.  Then we all walked back and a truck helped us out and brought us back to the house and we had burritos for the night!

Sunday we woke up to walk all the way to greenpoint to go to church and a truck passed by and drove us about half the way there which helped us out big time.  We made it there and went to church and bore our testimonies for testimony meeting and after church I ordained papa Henry a Priest.  Then we met with the branch president and talked with members before we walked back, the lord prepared another truck which helped us out.

In Lenakel we went to David Jonah's house but he was gone and then we went to Ken and Tiffany's and taught Tiffany about the Plan of Salvation before going back to our house.

Well know all is well, we are walking a TON and we're enjoying it a lot.  I hope all is well and that Puert Vallarta was fun and know that everything is great here!


Elder Beynon

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