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Baptizing Pita's family

The Aaronic priesthood in our branch

Port Vila Week 9
Dia ol famle mo ol fren blong mi,

Sorry I haven't emailed you for awhile, we've been really busy because of transfers!
Here's a little rundown of last week. So last Tuesday morning we had a 2 and a half hour meeting with President Brewer about transfers. We thought of who could go where, what assignments they need and what needs to be done, it was pretty cool.  Part of the transfers was that two Elders will be going to Tanna,  Good ol' Elder Ross and Elder Ngatehau,  possibly we will be going on exchanges with them every transfer to see how the work is there.  I'm excited!
After our meeting we taught Avock and Rose about the Word of Wisdom and they loved it,
absolutely knew it was true, our bodies are temples and need always keep our bodies clean.  We also taught Sele about The Sabbath Day and he knows just about everything he needs to know to be baptized.  At the end of the afternoon we taught Jonassy and Glot about The Restoration.  Those two are cool,  they are very interested in the gospel, and Jonassy has been coming to church!

Wednesday morning we woke up early and played basketball with Elder Jones and Elder Ormond, and then we studied at our house before going to District meeting.  We went to the "Air Vanuatu" office and got plane tickets for all the missionaries who will be transferring.We had the chance to teach Avock about the Plan of Salvation and mama Edmas about the Word of Wisdom, she's ready to be baptized as well. We wanted to Originally baptize a few investigators this Saturday but we
will be having District Conference, so everybody's date will be on June 6th. (Mom and Dad's Anniversary!)
Then that afternoon we taught Elorine about the Word of Wisdom as well.  I love teaching kids about
the Word of Wisdom, they always understand it well and know what's good and bad for our bodies. Then we did an Exchange with the Elders in Pango.  Elder Smiler went to Pango with Elder Mastin and Elder Joseph came with me.  Elder Joseph is cool.  He's from vanuatu from the island of Merelava, not too far from Gaua, you can see it in the distance from the shore by our old house in Kaska.

Thursday we went to mama Shantel's house and taught her about the Plan of Salvation.  Now we're mostly reviewing the lessons and she really loves it,  she's learning a lot.  We then walked to Seaside and saw lots of kids playing futbol (soccer) and we played with them, had some fun, and of course I had to do some magic tricks.  Now everyone is referring me as "Majik Man!"
We then taught an investigator named Matilyn who comes from a part member family.  We taught her about the Restoration and Commited her to read the Book of Mormon.  Then we got on a bus to go to Beverly Hills.  Oh, I don't know if i've told you before but here in Vila there are lot's of little buses that the people drive around to transport people to make money.  So if you need to go somewhere if you don't have a truck, you stand by the road and flag one down and they'll stop and take you where you need to go and it's only 150 vatu per person ($1.50).  That's how all the other missionaries here without trucks transport themselves around, it's fun!  
Ok well we got to Beverly Hills and taught Sele about Baptism and Confirmation and the Covenant we make when we're baptized.  Then that night we ended our exchange.

Friday morning we did our Weekly Planning and went to the Air Vanuatu Office to pay for all the plane tickets for all the missionaries transferring, the Office Elders needed help with a few
things so we split with them and then we got together again and me and Elder Smiler taught Avock and Rose again about the Law of Chastity, and then Jonassy and Glot about the Book of Mormon.  
Afterwards the sisters in Ohlen called and asked me if I could baptize a family they were teaching.  The Parents names are Rose and Pita,  I came to find out that I already know them.  Back while I was in Tanna with Elder Child some kids from Middlebush walked all the way to Lenakel to come
to church, and me and Elder Child didn't know who they were at the time and we found out where they lived and we drove to their village called "Laruanu" and taught their family, and gave them as a referral to the Elders in Middlebush, because they lived in their area. 
The Elders in Middlebush taught them and almost got a date for the family to be baptized but the Elders emergency transferred out of the area, so the family wasn't able to be taught.  But apparently after the cyclone, the whole family came to Port Vila and found the missionaries again and now they were ready to be baptized.  I baptized the Mom and Dad, and 4 of their children, I was so happy to see the family be baptized.  I was so happy to see that the Seeds we Planted have finally sprouted and they will continue to grow and bear fruit!  The Gospel is True, The Fulness of it truly blesses us and our families, man do I love sharing the gospel with these people!

Well on Saturday morning we taught Edmas about the law of Chastity and Matilyn about baptism.  Then in the afternoon Elder McCain (from Tuscon Arizona, he's also lived in Gilbert) and Elder
Saulala flew in from the Solomon Islands so they could finish their missions.  Then later the afternoon we went to the mission office and called all the Zone Leaders to let them know about transfers.  Some didn't have network so we waited there until we could get a hold of them.  Many missionaries called about their new assignments as well. It was pretty cool!

Sunday morning we went to Church and afterwards we taught our recent convert Melisha.  Then we taught Moses and Norman about the Word of Wisdom.  Once again, I love teaching that lesson to kids, we also talk about our favorite foods to eat in Vanuatu.   We also visited Gabbie and shared her a scripture before we went to Sele's and taught him about obedience.   Then during the afternoon we picked up Elder Saulala and Elder McCain so they could have their last interviews and then President Tiasanmal invited us over for dinner that night.

Yesterday (monday) we woke up at 4:30am and checked in Elder Saulala in the airport so he could fly home to new zealand.  We also checked in Elder Killpack in the Domestics so he could transfer to
Santo.  They flew and we got home at 8 and slept for an hour before going to the airport again to check in Sister Lekupe.  We checked her in and waited the 2 hours before she flew and went straight back to the office to have our office meeting.  Afterwards we had to go to the airport with Elder McCain and also 4 Elders and sisters were arriving.

Some needed to meet with president Brewer and the Schedule was so tight that we took 2 seperate vehicles.  Elder Smiler drove the bus and I tailed him in our Toyota Hilux.  It's a pretty nice truck!  I
hadn't driven for 1 year and 8 months......weird......but I still got it!  I got there quickly and didn't even stall!  (My perception is a little off though, it will come back).  We got to the airport and checked in Elder McCain in the International and Elder Ross, Elder Hubbert, Sister Timoteo, and Elder Tyran Welegtabit arrived in the Domestics. 
I was very happy to see Elder Welegtabit,  He's from Gaua, he was preparing for a mission while me and Elder Leva served together.  We called him Tyran and we carried Kopra with him and taught his mother and sister and they were baptized while I was there. And now he's on a mission here in Vanuatu!  Well they arrived and I drove with Elder Ross to the Office and Elder Smiler came with the
others later on and after all the meetings we dropped the Zone Leaders off with the other Elders in Erakor.

Then we went to the Sovouai's family for Family Haos Naet.  The Tui family came as well and we shared scriptures with each other and bore testimonies.  One thing that was cool was that one of the ladies there just returned from the Provo, Utah mission,  she served in Temple Square and she knows very good English!  We had good chicken and fried noodles and cabbage for dinner, and ice cream for dessert!  They allheard about my magic tricks and asked me to do some and I ended up
doing a little show for them.  They loved it, it was hilarious!!!   I did many without the people catching it.   It was a great end to our night.

Today we had a little time to clean our house and study, and then we met with President Brewer for awhile and we were only able to teach Norman today about Prayer.  We played Futbol with them as well and we just barely got our shopping done and now we have time to email. All is well here and we're keeping busy!  Onward, ..........Ever onward, as we glory in his name!  I love you all so much!


Elder Beynon

Family Home Evening with Sovoia Family

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