Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Me and Elder Welegabit and Elder Benry

Playing some basketball with my friends

Port Vila Week 10
Halo Famle Blong Mi,
Since you last heard me I was pretty busy with transfers, it continued throughout the whole week.  Not too much happened because of it but I will try to give a good rundown of the week.
Last Wednesday morning we checked in Sister Tagini at the airport at 5am and she flew and we went home to do our morning studies, but sleep got the best of me and I slept for about an hour before we went to District meeting.  After our meeting we taught little Avock about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then we went to the mission office and President Brewer brought 3 new missionaries from the airport, Elder Benry, Elder Fa'agalu, and Sister Ro'oarii.  We ran them through an orientation of the mission which took up most of the time during the afternoon before we had to go to the airport again to pick up Elder Ngatehau, who will be transferred to Tanna.

Thursday morning we checked in Elder Ngatehau and Elder Ross in the airport at 6am so they could go to Tanna.   We went home and studied and went to teach mama Edmas about the Sabbath.  then we went to the mission office to meet with president and get some stuff done before we went to Avock and Rose's  and taught them about baptism and confirmation.  Then we saw Jonassy and Claude (I thought his name was Glot by the way they pronounce it) and we taught them about the plan of Salvation. Then we saw Sele and taught him about "Folem Profet" and we went to the Vanva family's house and taught a short but very spiritual lesson about the Temple.  We also showed a small mormon
message about temples on a portable DVD player and the spirit was very strong, bringing tears to all our eyes, I can't wait until our temple in Cedar City gets built, and I can't wait for the day they will have a temple built here in Vanuatu! ......I love the blessings from the Temple!

Friday morning we went back to the airport and checked in Elder Welegtabit to fly to Malekula and Elder Benry to fly to Santo.  Then we went home and we fell into a deep sleep, I woke up at 1pm confused, but came to my senses, we didn't have an appointment planned thankfully, I just need that rejuvenation after going to the airport every morning this week.  We taught Avock and Rose about Fasting and filled out a baptism record for them.  Well now it seems like about 8 investigators will be ready to be baptized on the 6th.  We will work with the others to prepare for the future instead.  Well after we taught Avock and Rose, we taught Elorine about the Sabbath and then checked in Sister Rooarii into the airport so she could fly to New Caledonia  for her mission.
Afterwards we got a call from our investigator Gabbie saying that her friend was sick and wanted a
blessing.  We walked to their house in Beverly Hills and the girl's name was Carol, we talked with her mom and family and came to find out that they're from Uripiv in Malekula, I know some of their family there, what a coincidence? But here in Vanuatu, everybody's family, there are many relations around these islands, it's pretty cool.  We gave a blessing to Carol.  She had many others give her blessings but she never seemed to feel better, but after we gave one, the next day she felt a lot better, the power of the priesthood is a very great blessing.

Saturday morning  we played basketball with our 2nd counselor Berry Toungian and his son  Kasto, the office elders came as well.  We played a great game, lots of fun!  Then we did our normal studies and taught Edmas about Folem Profet and filled up a baptism record for her.  then we taught Moses and Norman about Chastity.  And at 1pm we had district conference.  We had our priesthood meeting first and I sat with Moses and Norman, and their friends.  Moses and Norman are just like members, they're so cool and have many member friends that bring them to church and it's awesome to see the members doing missionary work!  At 3:30pm we had the Adult Session and the chapel was filled to Capacity!  I think over 800 came!  A lot was discussed about the Stake that will be organized next month, many people are excited! After District Conference we did our Weekly Planning.

Sunday morning at 8:30am we checked in Elder Fa'agalu in the airport so he could fly to the Solomon Islands and afterwards we rushed to the "Le Lagoon" town center for our Sunday Session of
District Conference.  It also was filled to capacity and many people sat outside to listen.  Over 2,100 people came!!!  A pretty big District Conference if I say so myself!  It was great, I met many great friends from other branches and had a great time.  We will meet there again next month for stake conference and I can't wait to see how many people come!  After the conference, we taught a new
investigator named "Sena", she followed a friend to District Conference and is interested in the Gospel.  then we taught Elorine about the law of chastity again to review it because she couldn't
remember the lesson very well and then we taught Bella and shared a scripture with her.  We taught her at President Tiasanmal's house and we hung out there and I talked with Sam Matua, Willie Dan, and Rosali, all prospectives from Saet Siwi, they're all excited to serve, they're just waiting for their Visa's to come, after the Cyclone.
Visa's have come to a hault and it takes awhile for them to get approved so many prospectives are getting their MTC dates postponed, but it's alright, the lord will send them in his own time.

Well everything is great in the paradise of Vanuatu, and I love seeing the blessings of these people, oh and this upcoming Sunday we're flying to the Solomon Islands for Zone Conference!  And we'll come
back next Tuesday.  I don't think I'll get the chance to email because we'll be busy so probably plan on hearing from me next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Mi lavem yufala tumas!


Elder Beynon
Me and our squad at district conference

Me and the District Presidency

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