Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moses and Norman (investigators we teach)

Children's baptism in our branch
 Week 7 in Port Vila

 Dia famle blong mi we mi lavem tumas!,

Last week was sooooooo busy!  We got a lot of teaching done!  Tuesday morning we taught Avock about the Book of Mormon andgave him one to read with his parents.  His parents are members but
they haven't come to church for awhile.  We then went to Freshwater and taught Avock and Rose about the Plan of Salvation and we invited their family to be baptized!  They were so glad and accepted, they know everything is true!  We went back to Namba Tu and taught mama Edmas about the Plan of Salvation as well.  We invited her to be baptized as well on June 6th.  Our Zone has made a goal of putting baptism dates on June 6th, it will be a big baptismal service for lots of people.  Me and Elder Smiler have 9 that we have set a date for and we hope to continue to prepare them. 

Well after we taught Edmas we went to the 2nd Counselor's house in our Branch.  His name is
President Toungian, his son Kasto taught with us new investigators named Moses, Norman, and Penaline.  We taught them about the Restoration. They've been coming to church after the cyclone and they are so much fun to teach!  They love what they're learning and they already know alot from going to church, afterwards we taught a girl named Elorine, she too is a new investigator and we taught her about the restoration.  Then we drove up to Beverly Hills and visited the Vanva family, and had good dinner and had a little family haos naet with them.

Wednesday morning we had our District Meeting, Elder Joseph (he's from Merelava and has family in Gaua) is our district leader and he's pretty cool!  After our meeting we visited a part member family not too far from the church and set appointments with them.  We then went and taught Sele about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that afternoon we taught Bella about the word of Wisdom.  That afternoon we did our shopping and then started an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Elder Smiler went to Erakor with Elder Dakunimata and good ol' Elder Killpack came with me.

 Thursday me and Elder Killpack visited Shantel and we taught her about some church history and how Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Mormon.  She was very glad, she didn't know about all the details and she was very surprised of all that Joseph Smith went through to keep the records safe and translate them.  Wan Tru Profet Wan Taem!  After seeing Shantell we followed a bus to Freshwota where we taught Avock and Rose again about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then we visited Moses
and Norman again and Elorine.  We all taught them about the rest of the restoration and the book of mormon and we gave them each one to read.  They were very happy to have one.

That night a few different branches had 8 year old kids ready to be baptized and we all met at
the Namba Tu Chapel to the baptism program, Elder Smiler and Elder Dakunimata came too.  Three 8 year old kids were baptized and we, helped out with the confirmations afterwards, I confirmed one of them. I love exercising the priesthood, it's such a great blessing in my life!  Afterwards we ended our exchange for the night.
Friday we did our usual weekly planning and then taught little Avock about part of the Plan of Salvation.  Then we taught Sele in Beverly Hills about the law of chastity and afterwards they taught us how to play a game called "Petong", it's a game kind of like horshoes, but instead you play with big iron balls.  We then visited Gabby and taught her about patience and how it's an attribute of jesus christ and how we all need it in our lives. 

That afternoon we taught some of the Solomon Family.  We taught Papa Paul and Mama Raymond, and their kid Erick (also a member) and Anna, his wife and kids.  Anna isn't a member yet and they have 3 small kids named Dexta, Paul and Tom. We taught them about he restoration and they were all glad.  And we had good dinner with them.

Saturday morning we went to the Branch and did some service, we helped them orgainize more food to give out to members and afterwards we went and taught a recent convert at Namba Tri about Language.  We also had the chance to teach Sele again and then we did some contacting and gave a few pamphlets out to some people at Beverly Hills.

Sunday morning we went to church, had a good fast and testimony meeting, and in investigator's class a member taught about tithing and offerings, it was such a great lesson!  When the people here teach their own people here, boy is it powerful.  After church we taught our recent convert Melissa about service.  Then we taught Moses, Norman, and Elorine all about the Plan of Salvation and invited them all to be baptized and they're all so excited!

We also saw mama Edmas and taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then we taught Bella about tithing.  We then went to Beverly Hills and a member mama named "Lala" showed us a potential investigator named Jonassy and his brother Glot.  We asked them if they had any questions about the church and they had questions about education and tithing and they were very interested in how our church is organized and gets things done.  We hope to teach them again next week.  Then
that night me and Elder Smiler counted all our key indicators and we taught 26 lessons total last week!!! I've never had such a busy week before!  We got tons done in our area.  And we've been having so much success, I'm so excited for all the blessings in store for the people we teach that will be poured out when they're  baptized.

Well this week will be busy too.  Yesterday we had our meetings and we taught a few lessons because we knew that we won't be in our area this week.  Tomorrow we will be going to Santo with the mission president and we will do exchanges with the Zone Leaders and then Thursday is Zone Conference there.  Me and Elder Smiler will come back that afternoon because on Friday morning we will fly to tanna with the Port Vila District President Basil to attend the Whitegrass Chapel Dedication, President also wants us to clean our house in Lenakel and prepare it for 2 possible Elders to go serve there.  We will stay in Tanna until Monday.  I will be there when you call for mother's day
and hopefully the call comes through this time.

I'm so blessed to be here serving these people and I've never been happier in my life. I absolutely love it here, I can't believe I only have 5 months left, 2 years is too short honestly.  Mi lavem yufala
evriwan bigwan!!!


Elder Beynon
Playing Petong with our investigator and other kids

The Solomon Family

Just a little rain in Port Vila

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