Sunday, September 27, 2015

Birthday party for me and Marie

Week 27 on Port Vila

Hello Family Blong Mi,

So last Wednesday, (mine and Kenzie's Birthday), we went to the office and had our office meeting and transfer meeting because some changes needed to be made.  We met for a few hours before finishing and we finished late in the afternoon and I went straight to Bishop Tiasinmal's house and it was his wife Marie's birthday too so we celebrated our birthday together.  They had family over and they sang happy birthday to us and we had a good dinner together and some good chocolate cake.  They gave some time for me to share some thoughts and I thanked them for inviting me to come.  Just being with family here made my birthday and I was so happy to be with them!  I can't wait to
get home to celebrate mom's birthday!

Honestly I can't remember what happened Thursday- Saturday last week, we were just busy preparing for transfers I guess.  Oh Thursday was Zone Conference and we did lots of fun activities during that.
and Friday we had MLC, interviews, and we taught a few investigators.

Sunday we were able to see Marie & Edmond, Alec and Kristel, and Donovan, they're all getting ready for baptism but we need to wait a little longer so they can prepare for the covenants they will make.

Monday we did our shopping and taught a new investigator named Daniel about the Restoration. It was a short brief message and he invited us to come back.  Then we had an office meeting,.... a long
office meeting.  There's just always things to do and we also discussed things to do to make the office more organized and after the meeting we had to have an emergency transfer meeting with president
granger.  Then we had a fun family haos naet with the Basil Family.
Today (Tuesday) we taught a new investigator mama named Estell about the Restoration and she was a very faithful mama.  She believed everything we said!  Then we went to the office for a couple hours and taught Edmas afterwards about the atonement, and then played futbol in Seaside with some kids.  Many kids played with us but they all were arguing and fighting the whole time we played, so it wasn't as fun. So once we finished when it was dark, we gathered the boys together and talked with them and taught them how we need to work as a team and we all stood around in a circle while one of the boys offered to pray before we left.

Then we came here to the office to update a pile of baptism records waiting to be reported. Sorry the email is short, all is great, going well and only 1 more month to go.  Time is really flying fast!  I love you all so much and can't wait to see you!!!


Elder Beynon

Birthday party at Bishop T's house

Missionaries leaving in September and October

Dinner for all the missionaries that are leaving

We got our suits back after two years

Playing futbol

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