Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maria's baptim (she's the one in the front and the left of me)  

Port Vila Week 28

Dear Family,

Time is just flying by!!! Lots of work to be done before I finish.  We had a great busy week last week. Last Wednesday  we had our District Meeting and we also went to the mission office to get some tickets for us to go on an exchange with the Elders in Ambae next month!  We got to the office and to our surprise, there was a Ping Pong table and the Elders were having a match playing against each
other.  Well just like President says, and dad "Work Hard, Play Hard."

That's how we do things here.  We also said goodbye to the rest of my intake: Elder Jones, Elder Mastin, and Elder Hubbert:(  It was sad to see them go.  We've all grown so much serving here.  We said goodbye to them and w had a meeting with President about some things until late afternoon, and then we visited Marie and Edmond and taught them about obedience. They're awesome, they would already be baptized but Marie's leg is still healing (it's been swollen for months after the cyclone) and we hope to help them get married in the future.

Thursday morning we visited a papa and mama named Jimmy and Dora. They were referrals and we went to contact them and we shared a scripture with them and they were happy and we made a return
appointment with them.  3 new missionaries also arrived so we went to the mission office to do their orientation and we also showed them around Port Vila before going to the mission home so they could have dinner with the mission president.

Friday we did our weekly planning and taught a new investigator named Estell about the book of mormon.  She had no questions, she said "evri samting i klia nomo".  And we invited her to come to church.  We also saw Avock and taught him about the priesthood.  We visited Marie and Edmond again and taught them about the law of tithing, and it turns out that Marie's already been paying her tithing, even though she's not baptized yet. She has great faith.  She gives her tithing to her sister who's a member and she brings it to church.  We also saw Josette and Isha and visited with them and a few others who live close to them.  We taught them about the restoration and about prophets.

Saturday morning we went to the church because there were many baptisms that would be held.  Remember Mariah, who we taught in Beverly Hills?  Well she asked me to baptize her so I did so.  It was a spiritual time for her and the Vanva family.  After church we taught a new investigator named Morris Cyrus about the Restoration.  We gave him a pass along card a few days ago and set the appointment to come and he loved the message we shared.  We also taught another new investigator mama named Lemata about the restoration and Book of Mormon. And she was all for that, knew it was all true.  we saw Donovan too and taught him about the Sabbath Day.  We've been wanting
to baptize him but he hasn't come to church for awhile so we're waiting for him to progress first.  We also visited Moses and Norman and we retaught them about the word of wisdom and how we need to be careful in our lives.

Sunday we went to church, I ended up teaching sunday school, we read in Mark 15 and the other gospels focusing on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the final parts to the atonement.  Jesus' love really is infinite, he loved us so much that he went through so much suffering so we don't have to.  After church we saw Elorine and taught her about callings in the church and we also saw Marie and Edmond and taught them about the restoration again, and then saw Estell and taught her about the Plan of Salvation.  She was so surprised at how much we know through the fulness of the gospel about the Plan of Salvation.  We really do know where we came from, our purpose here, and where we're going, the church is true!  That afternoon we taught Jimmy and Dora about all of the Restoration and they too, had no questions to ask, that's when you know the spirit's testifying of the
truth and they know it's true.

Today we got a heap of laundry done, and went to the office to meet with president about slight changes in the transfers and then we had our weekly office meeting.  We are preparing to go to New
Caledonia on Wednesday through Friday for the New Caledonia South Zone Conference, then next monday we will go to Malekula for Zone Conference, get back Wednesday night. Then on friday go to Santo for their Zone Conference, stay until Monday and me and Elda Crowell will go on exchanges with the Elders in Ambae and then come back Wednesday and stay the rest of the week in the area until I fly back home the following Wednesday with Elder Killpack.

Well all is well and busy as always.  We found 7 new investigators this week and hopefully before I leave, a few investigators will be ready to be baptized.  We'll just see.  It's a blessing to be part of
the work.  I love you all so much!!!


Elder Beynon

Teaching Jimmy and Dora

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