Tuesday, September 15, 2015

View from Nambatri

Port Vila Week 26

Dear Family Blong Mi,

Weeks just go on by too fast!!!  Last Wednesday after we got back from Tanna we had district meeting and then taught mama Marie about the word of wisdom.  And then we went to the office for our weekly office meeting.  We went to Donovan and Alec and Kristel's house afterwards and they were gone so we couldn't teach them and then we met with Fredrick Vano, our Branch Mission Leader.  Then we had dinner at the Sovuai Family's house.

Thursday we took a P-Day and did all of our shopping, printed photos and did some work with the baptism records in the office.  We got all of our office work done and went to Seaside and we played
futbol with the kids there.

Friday morning we did our weekly planning and at 1:30pm we had our transfer meeting with President.  It was a 4 hour long meeting! So many things to think about and consider for the future of this mission!  We got done and taught Ivana about Obedience. We hoped to baptize her last Saturday but she wants to wait first, so we hope to the beginning of next month.  We also visited Moses and Norman and taught them about Prophets and the importance of our Prophet and Apostles today.  I love that family, so much fun to be with and teach every time.

Saturday we cleaned the crap out of our house!  Not that it was too dirty but we just had so much stuff!  Closets full of old clothes from past missionaries and lots of broken garbage.  We've never had
the time to clean so thoroughly.  We have a pile of 2nd hand clothes to wash and give out to members who need them. We taught Marie and her husband about the law of Chastity and checked on other investigators who weren't home, but we were able to walk around with our friend Willie Busai and visit the Tui Family and share a scripture with them and see how they're doing. Our afternoon appointments cancelled sadly enough and we went to the office to prepare a list of tickets for the

Sunday morning we went to the airport to fly to the Solomon Islands for Zone Conference. "Solo hem bara solid na!" (that's pidjin for: "Solomon Islands is awesome") We didn't get the chance to
go to church before flying but we heard that Branch 1 and Branch 2 met together so they could sustain the new bishops!  I don't know much but so far what I've heard that President Tiasinmal, Branch President of Branch 2 will be the new bishop, I don't know about the other branch
though.  It's awesome, I love President Tiasinmal!  Well we arrived in Honiara and we got dropped off with Elda Liu and Elda Jhonny again in Burns Creek and exchanged.  We walked around and taught a few investigators and less actives, and boy was it HOT!!! The hot and Humid just bites!

Monday morning we had our Zone Conference.  Now there's 12 missionaries in the Zone, all from either Tonga or Samoa, they're a pretty cool group of missionaries.  There were lots of activities
afterwards and we had a great time! We also exchanged with the Zone Leaders Elda Koroinamua and Elder Vea, and had MLC that night.  We held the meeting outside because it was so hot inside and then we slept at the Zone Leader's house in Kola Ridge.

This morning we had a 2 hour session of Zone Conference and we went on Splits with the Elders  in Skyline and in Whiteriver.  I went to Whiteriver with Elder Fa'auma and Elder Mua and we taught a few investigators before meeting up again and me and Elder Crowell went to the Central Market and looked around and I showed him some places. Then we met up with Elder and Sister Sampson and they took us to the airport where we checked in.  We had a 30 min delay, which was alright and we came straight to the office to email for the week.

All is well and there's always things to be done. "Mi lavem thisfala woka" and I save that this church hem tru, and mi lavem yufala evriwan! (Pidjin for -I love this work, I know the church is true, and I love you all!)


Elder Beynon

Teaching with Elder Liu

Solomon Islands Zone

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