Friday, October 4, 2013

Smith jumping for joy that it snowed in Provo

Week 2 at the MTC Oct 4, 2013

Dear Family,
Thanks for all your letters.  The dear elders have been coming and I have enjoyed reading them.  I can't believe how much letters mean to me now.  Oh and thanks for the package Kenzie.  I was running low on candy.  Thanks for the bookmark too.  Today was a great day. It snowed here (only about a half an inch) but I am glad that I can see the snow before I leave.  I went to the temple this morning and had a great time.  It was a really pretty temple.  I will try to attach some pics.  Me and my companions still get along.  Now Elder Mastin is my companion and Elder Jones got a companion from our zone, Elder Elliott.  Elder Elliott was supposed to go to Twin Falls, Idaho with his old companion but he got athletes foot and a fungal infection.  So he needs to stay here another week or two.  I can't believe I will be flying to Vanuatu this Sunday! I will be able to say that I've been to New Zealand (make sure you tell Jody).  I think my flight leaves at 4 and I will try my best to call. I won't be singing in the priesthood session but that's fine. Sounded like you had fun at Lake Powell mom and dad! I got the pictures and those boots are cool!

Provo Temple Oct 2013


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