Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 22 on Tanna Monday March 2, 2015

Dia ol famle blong mi,

So when you last heard from me we went to the airport and picked up 3 missionaries.  One Elder from the Solomon islands named Elder Oli, and Sister Torea, from the solomon islands as well, and my new companion Elder Pearce.  He's half Mauri and lived in New Zealand as a kid and he's lived in Gold Coast, Australia before he came on his mission. He's a very humble, obedient missionary.  Very soft spoken and a very loving guy. I'm excited to be serving with him and to learn from him.

We still don't have the truck, still walking around, I think the truck will come back sometime next week or the week after.  Pray that it comes quick!  I'm excited that I will be driving again, I haven't
driven forever!

Well after we picked up the missionaries we had a combined famle haos naet with our unit and we ate a big meal together, watched the restoration, and had members share testimonies and say goodbye to
Elder Child.  (He would be staying until Thursday).  Elder Ross stayed, with us because he would fly on Tuesday and Elder Oli went back to Greenhill with Elder Taukei.

Tuesday morning we woke up early and checked in Elder Ross in the Airport so he could fly to Port Vila and then to Santo. He will be a Zone Leader there. Afterwards we decided to walk all the way to
Greenpoint and we stopped by mama Ellan's house but she wasn't there. Then we walked all the way to Miraweng but none of our investigators we planned for were there.  We talked with some members and then walked back to Ikakahak where we ate a meal with the branch president's family.  It would be Elder Child's last meal with them.

Then a truck helped us out to get back to lenakel. Wednesday morning we went to Whitesand's for District Meeting.  Then we went to mama Onella's house where we shared a scripture in Nephi
chapter 16 when Nephi breaks his bow.  Then we walked to the other side of town and saw Mama Elia and her family where we shared a scripture with them as well.  Then they gave some referrals to us.

Then we saw Tiffany and Ken and we taught them about fasting.  They are so close to be getting ready to be married.  Then we checked on Thomas and taught him about baptism, we probably won't focus on him as much now because he's not progressing.  Then in the afternoon we went to mama Rabi's house.  We had origionally planned on seeing her husband John but he left and so we just shared a scriptural thought with their family.

Thursday morning we checked Elder Child into the airport so he could go to Gaua (he's gonna have fun there!).  Then we went home and did our studies and we walked to Lokueria to see Joe and Joses.  We taught them about prayer and we had already had a date for Joses to get baptized but he hasn't come to church.  But it's hard for them to come because it's so far and so we told them that it would be better to wait and that the time will come when the church grows and spreads there.

Afterwards we checked on a few appointments that cancelled and then we walked up to Isangel.  We checked on an investigator named Susan and she had a friend named Rose with her and Rose was very interested and asked many questions and afterwards we set up another appointment with her and she agreed so we found a new investigator.

Friday morning we did a big long weekly plan and went through our area books to organize everything.  Elder Pearce knows how to get things done really well.  We had a very thorough plan and then we went to Lenakel and we taught Papa Tupusi about the book of mormon.  Then we
decided to do some contacting around the town and then saw mama Elia again.

That afternoon we did some contacting in Isangel and tried to get some numbers of people interested for the message we have to share.  Honestly I think this is the first time I've ever done legit knocking on doors contacting because I've always served in the bush where everything is open.

Saturday we had planned on going to Greenpoint but we felt that we should stay and find more people that we can teach in Lenakel, because we run around so much and we need to just teach in isolated areas.  We walked south a little to the area of Bedel and we did some contacting there.  We also taught a potential investigator named Rudolph, we mostly just answered questions he had about the church.

Then we contacted in Isangel again to look for families to teach.  Many people accepted pamphlets and It's amazing how the lord prepares his children for missionaries to share the restored gospel!

Sunday we went to church here and afterwards just contacted the whole day.  We hope to have many appointments for the upcoming weeks so we can get more done in Lenakel.  We focused on Lenakel because it's also the center of strength.  The people come here alot, especially on mondays and Fridays (friday is the busiest, market day) and we really want to build up the Unit here.  It was a great week of a lot of success.

I love you all and know that everything is great! I love serving in Tanna and don't want to leave! I hope all is well with you all, you're in my prayers.


Elder Beynon

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  1. Shauna, do you have an update on the extent of the damage to Tanna? We are praying for Smith and the people of Vanuatu.
    Love, Stacy