Sunday, March 22, 2015

I got a phone call from Elder Beynon Friday night. It was only a five minute conversation, so I don't have a lot of information. He says he's fine. He's going back to Tanna for one day day to assess what the people need there and will report back to Pres. Brewer. He said the storm was crazy. He had food, water and shelter during the storm. He has all of his belongings....whew! I'm hoping to get more details and pictures of the storm, when he has email again. He doesn't know when he will have could be a few weeks. He said that Tanna is destroyed! They were hit by the eye of the storm.  They won't be sending missionaries back to Tanna for at least six months. Sad day! He will stay on Port Vila, and some of the missionaries may be reassigned to other missions. I told him to report back to me what the people of Tanna need: toys for kids, hygiene kits, anything small that we could send over there that doesn't weight a lot.  And to let me know what he needs. Thanks for all the love and concern. I will update the blog as soon as we get an email. All is well, all is well!!!

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