Monday, March 30, 2015

The lizard I told you about

Port Vila Week 2 March 30, 2015

Dia famle blo mi,

I just checked the blog and saw that you found the video of Elder Pearce and us as we were getting ready to go to the airport to go to Vila. Crazy huh!? We were all on T.V.!, sorry I didn't look at the
camera. Haha!

Well not too much happened since you last heard me, Friday we stayed home most of the morning because 2 Elder Manu and Elder Dakunimata weren't feeling well.  But during the afternoon, me, Elder Leva, and Elder Mastin all went to a members house named Smith (I know right?) and helped him with his lawn.  I mowed about a 1/4 their lawn while elder leva used a trimmer to trim the grass.  It was a huge yard!  We started a little late and it got dark so we couldn't finish.

Afterwards these kids came by with a big ol Lizard. It looked like an Iguana, it was way cool!  So I put it on my head, it was very tame!

Saturday morning we went back to Smith's house and we mowed the rest of his lawn and dang was it HOT! We cleaned the lawn and then helped them cut down a few trees so they could use the wood to make a new kitchen and a place for shade.

Yesterday we went to church at our branch in Erakor, there's no church building yet but the church plans on building 1 in the future.  Over 100 members came, and we worshipped underneath a sheetmetal roof with a sheet metal wall.  I found out that it withstood the power of the cyclone!  The shelter should have been blown off the ground, and yet at my first glance at it, it looked brand new!

Well that's about all that happened since you last heard me, I think this Saturday we will find out where I will be transferred and next week the 22 missionaries will be departing.
We will still probably do service, teach if we get the chance, but man do I miss looking over an area.  Not much gets done with 5 missionaries in 1 house, if you know what I mean.

Man I want to go back to Tanna SO bad!  I grew so close to that island and the people, I have so many great families and memories there. But I know the lord has other things for me to do and more blessings in store for me. Know that I love you all and I love the emails you send Plan on hearing from me next week again.

P.S. I will send my journal entries in an envelope today.

Love, Elda Beynon

Some new friends we made at church

Mowing Papa Smith's Lawn

Our zone doing service

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  1. I love this! You can feel how much he loves these people.