Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 23 on Tanna

Sunday March 8, 2015

Dia ol famle blong mi we mi lavem tumas!

First off I want to let you know that I loved the pics you sent of you taking a drive over the mountain, it looked beautiful!  I miss the snow so much! But I love it here!  Speaking of weather, I think
there's a cyclone on it's way and it might hit us.  I hope not, it will spoil many gardens and many fruits.  The oceans a little rough right now, so pray that everything will be all right.  We will just
see what happens.

Oh and my sandals came with the valentines candy, thanks so much! My old sandals are falling apart.
Well everything is alright and me and my companion have mostly stayed in Lenakel, we really want to find many people to teach and to build up the Unit here.  So it sounds like the truck will get here this week or next week we'll see. (i don''t think this week because of the cyclone)  We're walking, but not as much as before.  We want to use the time that we walk in finding people in Lenakel.  Then when we get the truck we can go to south.

Well last monday afternoon we had a family house night with tiffany and ken and shared a message on choosing the right and heeding to the tabu spirit (holy ghost).
Tuesday we studied and walked all the way to greenpoint and stopped by a less active member named ben and taught him about enduring to the end.  We got to Ikakahak at around 3 but came to find out that everyone we planned to teach was gone.  But we found out a lot of information of less actives, recent, converts, and former investigators we can see in the future. We walked half of the way back
and a truck helped us out to bring us back.

Wednesday we went to whitesands for District meeting and then we did an exchange with the elders in saet siwi.  Elder Jensen came with me while Elder Pearce went with Elder Godfrey.  We were able to contact 2 new investigators and teach them.  The first one was Simon and we taught him and then we taught another papa named Pascal about the Restoration.  Then we made some good pasta for dinner that night.

Thursday was a holiday here "Chief's Day", and we decided to stay in Lenakel.  Not too many people were in town but we were able to go eat with pastor Jefford's family, they invited us to eat with them and they were curious about how our church works with tithing and helping with education, so we taught them about how we do tithing and how members pay tithes, donate fast offerings, and help missionaries, they thought it was pretty cool.  That afternoon we went to Mama Rabi's house and taught a new investigator named Kapahi, she was a referral and we taught her about the restoration as well.  Then we taught Rose and Susan about the Restoration.  We made good burritos for dinner.

Friday morning we ended our exchange and did another long weekly plan and then had to Check in a sister to fly to Vila.  Then we came back and went to Nos's house with our recent convert royal and cut the grass in his yard with bush knives.  It's good, but hard work.  The people use bush knives to cut their grass, some use weed wackers if they have them, yard work is hard work here!

Satuday we mostly contacted and taught a former investigator named Willie. went home teaching with a member named Willy and saw the Natonga family that night.

Sunday we contacted again and then we saw mama Rabi's family that night.  Sorry I'm out of time. I love you all so much and sorry no pics, i forgot my sd card reader at the house.

Mi lavem yufala tumas!!!

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  1. Hello Elder Benyon!
    Just wanted you to know that there are many prayers being offered for you! Your amazing, talented and beautiful Aunt Polly asked that we pray for you and the people of the island that you are serving on/with. (I'm your aunts Visiting Teacher.) You will be in our families thoughts and prayers! Lots of love to you! ---Amy