Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 10 on Gaua March 3-March 9, 2014

Monday we decided to go to Eapot to hang out at the branch presidents house.  We played volleyball with the members and had some fun.  We played volleyball with the members and had some fun.  I don't know if I've talked about sports in Vanuatu yet but volleyball and soccer are the biggest sports here.  The people here are very good at both sports.   On this side of the world all sports are different.  They play rugby instead of football, cricket instead of baseball.  I haven't seen them play rugby or cricket yet but they're familiar with the names.  If you ask them about baseball, they won't know what you are talking about.  They are a little bit familiar with American football though.  Then we ate at the branch president's house for dinner.

Tuesday we went out and taught but was only able to teach one lesson.  We didn't have district meeting because a new companion for Elder Ransika hasn't come yet.  We actually found out that he won't get a new companion until the end of this transfer.  So he will still be hanging out with us for the next few weeks.  We've had some fun together already.

Wednesday we had an activity in our unit.  Many members came and we all played lots of volleyball we had rice and soup that the mama's made and had lots of fun.  Then the members hooked an extension cord to a gas powered generator (yes they have those here).  Then they hooked up some speakers and played music and they also hooked up a tv and all of the kids watched movies.   We all watched "Mr. Bean" (one of Smith's favorites) which was funny, haven't seen for a while.  Then we watched "Ella Enchanted".  I used to hate that movie but I was so happy to watch it again!  I haven't watched that much tv in a long time.  Oh and did I tell you that they used a bluray player?  I guess they have those here too! 

Thursday we were able to teach many lessons which was good and we really kept busy that day.  On Friday we went to the airport because the two perspective missionaries of the branch were flying out to go on missions.  It brought back many memories of when I left.  I can't believe I've been out five months!  Two years isn't enough time to serve the Lord it seems.  While there we went to the branch presidents house and ate octopus.  Octopus is pretty good, they boil it and make a curry sauce.  We eat the meat and the tentacles and everything.  You are probably all freaking out and saying "gross!"  But it's not that bad.  The first time I could only eat the meat inside the tentacles, but now I can eat the whole thing.

Saturday we only taught a couple lessons but we kept pretty busy which was good.

Sunday morning we woke up to wind and rain.  Apparently a hurricane or a tropical storm had hit the Solomon Islands, and it was coming for us.  It's wasn't that bad of a hurricane.  The wind wasn't too strong and it's not raining too bad. 

Oh and on Sunday one of our investigators was interviewed for baptism.  Just know that everything is alright.  I think that the storm is just a tropical storm and the house is holding up and not much rain is coming inside.

The work here is still good and I love it.  We should be having another baptism next Saturday which is good.  I love you all and hope everyone is well.

Love, Elder Smith Beynon

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