Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 2 on Uripiv May 19, 2014

Pictures we received from Smith, this is on the Island of Uripiv, the new island he has been transferred to.

He got transferred right before we got to call him on Mother's Day.  He said he was really sad to leave the island of Gaua.  He really had grown to love the people there.  He cried when he had to leave.

Smith will be a trainer to Elda Takaro.  He's a greenie, and he's from the island of Ambae .  They still primarily speak Bishlama.

They are now on the island of Uripiv.  It's long and skinny, only about a mile wide.  There are about 500 people living on this island.  He said this island is not as hot as Gaua was. And the bugs aren't nearly as bad either.  Smith and his companion are the only missionaries on this island.  Once a week they take a 20 minute boat ride to the bigger island, Malenkula, where they have their district meetings, do laundry, shopping and send emails.  They will do this every Monday on their p-days.  So we should start getting emails EVERY week!  Yay!!!

The house they live in is nicer than the one he lived in on Tanna.  He said he does have electricity, but still no running water.  They still use buckets to "shower".  He is healthy, and happy, and LOVES his mission!!!

I will post as soon as I get a new email from him.

Thanks for all your love and support!

Love, Shauna

Smith and his new companion, Elda Takaro, he is a greenie and Smith will be training him

Smith and Elda Takaro on the boat ride to Malenkula

Smith outside their little church house on the Island of Uripiv

Smith's new house, this is where he and his companion study

Bedroom May 2014

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