Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 15 on Gaua April 7-April 13, 2014

Dia famle blo mi we mi lavem big wan,

Monday we decided to go to the lake here and then the waterfall.  The elders and two neighbors came with us to show us the way.  We left around 8am and our neighbor Phillip drove us up to the trail.  We walked up the mountain then down the other side to the lake.  This lake is huge.  They say it's the biggest lake in the whole South Pacific.  We were directly east of the volcano, it was on the other side of the lake.  It was really cool.  Then we walked down the mountain and down the side and went to the waterfall.  After the waterfall, we started to walk back and by this time we were a little tired.  We got home around 5pm and then we just rested because we were really tired by this time.  It was a great adventure though, and don't worry, I took lots of pictures. 

Tuesday we were a little sore and we still went out and taught.  We taught a couple lessons which was good. 

Wednesday we went to the airport because the branch presidents son was flying out to go on a mission.  He will fly to Utah and go to the Provo MTC and then go to Tahiti.  It brought back a lot of memories of when I left.

Thursday we taught three lessons and we were able to find two new investigators.

Friday we taught three lessons as well, but not much happened.

Saturday we weren't able to teach at all because most of the members went to the branch.  The church sent bags of rice and flour to all members and investigators.  We were able to baptize two investigators though!  But we felt bad, because not too many members came to the program.  But they were very thankful to be baptized!

Sunday we went to church and in sunday school we learned about repentance.  Then just as relief society and priesthood were about to start, we got a message from the mission president saying that there was a tsunami warning for Gaua.  A big earthquake hit the Solomon Islands and a tsunami hit them.  Everybody worried that it would come here.  We hurried and held sacrament meeting and then we went home and prepared our things.  Then we went up a hill to high ground and decided to teach some investigators that were up there.  Then we received the news that the tsunami warning was no longer in affect (thank goodness!).  Then we taught a few more lessons that afternoon.  The Lord kept us safe! 

Know all is well and I love you all!

Love, Elda Beynon

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