Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 13 on Gaua March 24-March 30, 2014

Dia famle mo frien blo mi we mi lavem tumas,

Monday we went to Eapot because Elder Raskina's new companion Elder Math was coming.  The Santo District President and a Senior Missionary Elder Williams came to work on a water project for the branch here.  Then we went to the branch to help Elder Williams.  We helped him build a roof to cover a water tank.  The roof has sheet metal so when it rains, the water will run and collect into a gutter and into a tank.  The church sent all the materials on the ship and they did this project so some of the members and anyone in need can have water.  Helping building this brought back memories of building houses with Grandpa and my Uncles.  It was fun to be building something again.

Tuesday it was hot at the house so we walked down to the ocean where there was a nice breeze and we did our personal and companionship studies.  We were able to teach a couple of lessons, then Brushly gave us some kunala which is like a sweet potato, but not as sweet.  So I cut it up and heated some oil and made some french fries.

Wednesday we taught three lessons and committed one papa to be baptized but he said that he will wait and pray about it first.

Thursday we did some service for Brushly.  We helped him cut "kobra".  We walked to an area not too far and that mama's were gathering coconuts and halving them with axes.  Our job was to use a tool to cut out the flesh of the inside of the coconuts.  We cut out four piles of coconuts.  We did it for about four or five hours straight!  My hands were pretty sore.  The total of bags we filled up was thirteen bags.  Now I can say I have cut and carried kobra.  It's hard work.  Whenever we see someone working kobra we say "yufala wok had tumas." It's true though.  Here's how it works.  They gather all coconuts (old coconuts that are starting to grow into trees) and halve them and cut out the flesh, fill up heavy bags, carry the bags to a roasting bed, roast them, turn them and roast again.  And when roasting is finished, they fill up bags again and carry them to the ocean when a ship comes.  The pay is very low.  They weight the kobra and they get about 30 vt (30 cents) for one kilogram about 2.2 pounds.  The people all know they work too hard for small pay, but there is not any other good work for them to earn money.  But they mostly just need money when they pay school fees or want to fly somewhere.  They all have enough food from their gardens.

One thing that I realized about this country is that it's a place where the people don't have much money, but they are all happy and they all have food and water.  It's not life Africa where the kids and people are suffering from hunger and thirst and poverty.  Here people have some money and they never seem to run out of food.  Everyone is happy here.

Friday we studied down by the ocean again and we taught a mama that we had committed to be baptized a long time ago.  We set a baptism date for her on Saturday, April 5th.  Then we taught her daughter who is a recent convert.  We then taught three more lessons that afternoon.

Saturday Elder Math and Ransika came to interview the mama to be baptized and she was ready.  Then we taught a couple of lessons that afternoon.

Sunday we went to church and learned about repentance and what happens if we die in our sins.  "Don't procrastinate the day of your repentance until the end".  We then taught a girl and her cousin and committed them to be baptized next week as well.  We met with our unit leader and he was very happy with our progress and work.  He said that the work now has been better than ever!  Then we taught a couple more lessons.  That night Brushly roasted yams, taro and kumala.  He also cooked a fowl or what we call chicken.  It was good food and we ate with them.  Then that night we totaled our key indicators (all lessons taught, referrals, new investigators, baptisms, and confirmations) we realized that this week was awesome!  We taught many lessons and committed many investigators to be baptized.  I think this week was probably better than any other week work wise. 

I hope work and everything that's happening in Cedar City is good.  Know that everything is awesome here and the work is great.  I love you all and hope all is well.

Love, Elder Beynon

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