Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 9 on Gaua February 24-March 2, 2014

Dia famle blo mi we mi lavem wetem fular hat blo mi,

On Monday we paid $50 for a pig, killed it, and then the other Elders roasted it while me and Elder Echols went to buy rice.  We also went to their house to get some bbq sauce that Elder Echols bought in Santo during zone conference.  We went back and boiled the rice while the pig was roasting.  When it was finished, we cut open the pig and started eating.  The zone leaders had brought some bread when they came from Santo so we shredded the meat and put it on the bread with some bbq sauce.  We had a bbq pork sandwiches!  It was amazing!!!  I could go for some Arthur Bryants or Sonny Boy's bbq right about now! 

Then Elder Tula went home with Elder Echols and Ransika then Elder Sione came home with me and Leva.  That night Brushy gave us some big fish that they killed and another neighbor brought us a turtle.  I like turtle, it's good food.  It was a good p-day feast!

Tuesday Elder Sione came and taught with us and also interviewed one more investigator of ours to be baptized.  He taught us a lot and that night he talked to us and told us how we can improve.  Elder Sione's pretty cool.  His family is from Samoa but now they all live in New Zealand now.

Wednesday we went to the airport so the zone leaders could go back to Santo.  Elder Echols had to go with him as well because last week he cut his thumb with a bush knife.  It was a deep cut to the bone.  He went to the doctor here where he cleaned it (yes there's a doctor here).  But the doctor here doesn't have x-ray or anything to know if his thumb was all right.  So the zone leaders and Elder Echols left and his companion Elder Ransika is staying with us.

Thursday we went to Tyron's house and helped them put up siding for their house that they are building.  They cut up some bamboo into strips and weaved it into a wall.  It's hard to explain.  It's a lot different than the houses that I built with Marty, Shane and Grandpa.

Friday we taught many lessons and I was able to have fun with the kids.  The kids play marbles a lot here.  They taught me how to play so I bought some marbles and played with them.

Saturday was an awesome day.  We ended up having four investigators baptized instead of three.  Our perspective missionary Tyron baptized his mom and his sister.  I baptized Tyron's cousin and another investigator of ours.  Oh and we baptized in the ocean by the way.  Pretty cool!  I was SO happy.  I'm so happy to be here to help these families.  I've been so blessed to be here.  We hope to baptize two or three more investigators in the next few weeks.

Sunday we went to church and I confirmed one of our investigators.  It was testimony meeting and I bore my testimony and many other kids did.  The kids here aren't that afraid to get up and bear their testimony.  Whenever we teach kids and ask questions they always answer, unlike Tanna.  Kids in Tanna were always scared and shy.

Just know that the work here is awesome and I'm so grateful to be serving in Gaua.  I love you all so much.

Love, Elder Smith Beynon 

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