Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 17 on Gaua April 21-April 30, 2014

Dio ol famle blo mi,

Not much has happened this week so this letter will be short.

Monday it was still really hot and I did my usual batch of laundry by hand.  We stayed down by the beach where there was a nice breeze. 

On Tuesday we went to the branch for district meeting.  I conducted and gave some training.  We discussed how to help investigators make and keep commitments that we give to them.  We also did some role plays to help us.  Then we ate bread that the branch president's daughter made.  We ate it with orange tea and we had some canned tuna and made it into sandwiches.  We then went home and Elda Leva to one of our members named Booker who boxed.  He has boxing gloves so they boxed for fun.  When they finished a ten year old kid named Kevin put on the gloves and I decided to box him.  Don't worry I went easy on him and we had lots of fun.  Then we ate more fish that Brushly speared for us.

Wednesday we taught two more investigators about the restoration.  Then we taught three more lessons that afternoon.  Then we went to the store and bought yeast and sugar.  Then we went home and gathered some flour and gave one of our investigators named Wilfred the ingredients to make bread.  His wife makes really good bread and uses coconut milk instead of water.  It's really good.

Thursday morning Wilfred came over and brought us the bread they made and we ate it with peanut butter and tea.  The bread was nice and sweet.  All of our investigators were cutting kobra so we weren't able to teach a lesson.  That afternoon we gave Wilfred more flour, sugar and yeast.  We really like the bread they make and I haven't eaten a lot of bread while being in Gaua. 

Friday morning we ate tuna fish sandwiches and twisties.  Then we taught a papa about tithing and taught a family about the restoration and they really knew that the message was true.  It's amazing how the holy ghost works and helps convert.  That night it rained really hard so we showered out in the rain and had some fun getting wet.

Saturday many people were cutting kobra and all of our investigators cancelled their appointments because they were busy.  That night we ate LOTS of fish!

Sunday we went to church and had sacrament meeting and then me and Elder Leva taught the youth.  We taught them about missionary work and had them do role plays and practice building trust the first time you teach investigators.  They loved it and we had a fun time.  Everyone was laughing because everyone was nervous, but it turned out really good.  After church we were only able to teach one lesson.  That's about all that happened this week.

Well know that I love you and things are still good here. I hope all is well.

Love, Elder Beynon

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