Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 12 of Gaua March 17-March 23, 2014

Dia famle blo mi we mi lavem tumas,

Monday we just stayed home because of Elda Leva's swollen foot.  I did my usual wash and washed my clothes.  We couldn't go to the store to buy our food for the week so we just gave some money to some friends and they did our shopping which was nice.  That night we gave Elder Leva a blessing for his foot. 

Tuesday an investigator came to our house and we taught him.  On Wednesday we stayed at the house and waited for an investigator to come but he never showed.

Thursday the swelling on Leva's foot began to go down.  He said that he could walk a little so we went out and taught.  He was able teach a couple of lessons which was good. 

Friday was just like Thursday.

Saturday was VERY hot!  It may have reached ninety degrees but the humidity wasn't that bad.  We were only able to teach one lesson that day.  That night we waited for the zone leaders to tell us our transfers.  This transfer went by extremely fast.  I can't believe I've been out for six months!  I was very worried that I would be transferred because I love Gaua.  They called us and we found out that we will all be staying here.  I was very happy. 

Sunday we were able to go to church and teach a couple of lessons.  And that night Brushly gave us a big fish that he speared.  We ate good that night.  Sorry not much happened this week.

You guys may be wondering how the mission is growing?  I feel bad because I haven't given you guys much information about it.  There are six islands in Vanuatu where there are missionaries: Tanna, Efate, Malekula, Ambae, Santo, Gaua.  When I first came to Vanuatu there were only two zones: Port Vila, Efate, and Luganville, Santo.  Tanna was part of the Port Vila zone and all the other islands were part of the Santo zone.  But now Vanuatu has four zones: Tanna and Malekula are the two new zones.  So now only Ambae and Gaua are part of the Santo zone.  There are four districts in Vanuatu now.  The biggest goal of the Mission President is to establish a Stake in Vanuatu.  We hope that sometime this year it will happen. 

I don't know much about New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands.  We are all one mission but each country worries about itself.  When you serve in Vanuatu you don't hear much about the Solomon Islands or New Calendonia.  I think for each country the Church has different goals, and that's why you don't hear much.  But I do know that the Solomon Islands has a zone, and New Calendonia has a zone.  New Calendonia also has a Stake.  That's all I know about the mission. 

Well how is Costa Vida?  Did Roberto ever come back to work there?  I've had a few dreams that I was working there.  Probably because I was thinking of the food.

I hope all is well at home.  And with everybody who reads this on the blog.  I love you all very much and know that everything is great and the first six months here have been awesome!

Love, Elder Beynon

P.S. Sorry you all never got emails, they didn't have district conference for some reason.  But zone conference will be held in May.

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